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Whether you have older parents and grandparents or you yourself are older and would like to give your loved ones piece of mind, Lively is a system that offers independence while also respecting privacy. Lively doesn’t use wireless cameras or microphones. It uses small sensors that can be attached to keys, a pillbox, the refrigerator and more. These sensors can track movement / activity and report back to a hub that uses built-in cellular service for uploading activity data wirelessly. No home internet connection or cellphone plan is required. A special app can then be used to easily view status so that you see if your loved one has been taking their medicine, eating, and staying active.

A second part of the Lively system is called LivelyGram. This is a twice a month mailing to your loved one that has pictures and messages that have been shared through a favorite social media network. LivelyGram is an easy way to make sure that your family members who don’t use the internet can keep up with your events and happenings.

The Lively system is priced at $149 and comes with 2 months free service. After the 2 months have expired, the service is pay-as-you-go at $19.95 per month with no contracts and no-hassle cancellation at any time.

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