Get the premium Dropcam experience with the Dropcam Pro

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I’ve been using the Dropcam to keep an eye on things around my house, and it has worked very well for me.  I’m impressed with the clarity of the images I see, even in a dark room.  Of course, I’m always interested to know when things get better, which is why I’m telling you about the newest Dropcam Pro.  The Pro offers all the services you’d expect from Dropcam.  You’ll still be able to view live video from your home via mobile or web apps from anywhere you’re web-connected, you’ll still get notifications of events, you can schedule when you want your camera on or off, and more.  With the Dropcam Pro, you’ll have a wider field of view and double the zoom of the previous Dropcam model.  The Pro has significantly improved low-light vision and better audio quality, so you’ll have a better view of your pet, family member, or even the intruder you’re telling to smile for the camera with the two-way communication feature.  The Dropcam Pro is available now for $199.

And yes, I am still on a home security kick.  Why do you ask? 😉

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5 thoughts on “Get the premium Dropcam experience with the Dropcam Pro”

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  2. I told you Janet, I wasn’t trying to ROB you I just got LOST. I don’t know HOW your iPad ended up in my backpack.

  3. 😀 Oh, Andrew, my iPad would never end up in your backpack unless the bloody stump of my hand was still gripping it! 😉

  4. What sort of range have you tested the new Dropcam? I have been using the Dropcam HD and found a significant limitation on the range. Th Dropcam help desk has been telling me the hardware needs a fairly strong signal (-60 or better).

    Your thoughts?

    1. @KariB You mean the distance between where you have setup up the Dropcam and the wireless router? I haven’t tested that as I have a fairly small house. I currently have my router in the basement and the cameras located directly above and a few feet to the right. The signal passes between the floor. I’ve not had any issues.

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