Blue Microphones announces new Snowball mics in assorted colors


The popular, plug-and-play USB mic from Blue Microphones is now being offered in five new colors including Hot Pink, Wicked Purple, Bright Orange, Neon Green and Electric Blue. The new Snowball mics are available exclusively through Amazon US for a limited time and have an MSRP $99.99. They feature two condenser mic capsules that can capture professional CD-quality sound from any recording program. A convenient switch on the front of the mic allows you to choose between three recordings settings for solos or podcasts (cardioid), all around the mic for multiple people or band practice (omnidirectional), or loud instruments (Cardioid mode with -10 dB PAD). The new Snowballs ship with a desktop stand and USB cable, and are available now.

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  • Sandee Cohen October 7, 2013, 8:31 am

    Darn it!

    I own a white version of the Snowball which works perfectly. And has gotten compliments on the quality of my sound.

    But I LOVE the idea of the pink Snowball. Pink is my color!

    How do I justify selling a perfectly good used microphone and buying a new pink one?

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