Tailgate in style with these cooking appliances

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Whether you want to have a nice spread for your tailgate party before the big game or travel in an RV, you’ll appreciate these Max Burton appliances.  They plug into a car’s 12V power outlet and prepare a meal as you travel.  The Digital Stove to Go (top, left) has a 1.5-qt capacity and reaches 350 degrees and can be used as a stove, oven, or slow cooker.  It’s available for $49.89.  The Coffee to Go 4-cup Coffee Maker (top, right) has a viewable water reservoir, and its Brewstop function allow you to interrupt the brewing cycle to pour a cup of coffee as soon as one is available.  It comes with a coffee scoop, two filters, and mounting brackets to attach it to any flat surface in your vehicle; it’s $27.89.  The Smart Pot to Go (bottom, right) has a removable, 20-oz cooking container that can be used to heat water or soup or to reheat a meal.   It’s $17.89.  The Oven to Go (bottom, left) comes with two lidded food containers that allow you to bake, cook or reheat frozen portions.  It’s $39.89.  All of these appliances, plus others, are available from RVShop.  They even have a Max Burton 200W Converter that lets you use these 12V appliances from an AC outlet (120-volt power, up to 200 watts/15 amps) for $48.89.

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