A new way to travel with your guitar

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Travel guitars that I’ve seen don’t look much like a regular acoustic guitar.  The ones I’ve seen tend to be narrow, stick-like instruments.  I’m not a musician, but it seems to me that the smaller body would negatively impact the sound produced by the guitar.  I don’t know what the shortcomings of the Voyage-Air travel guitars might be, but they certainly have a normal-sized body.  Their guitars have necks that fold down so that they pack into a backpack that’s easier to travel with than a full-sized guitar case would be.  (The bag might even work as your carry-on so that you don’t have to worry what’s happening to your guitar in the cargo hold.)  Voyage-Air has a variety of models, like the Transit Series VAOM-02 Orchestra Model acoustic shown here.  The VAOM-02 has a full 25.5″ scale length and 1 3/4″ neck and is made from “toughest engineered tonewoods”.  It’s $399.00, and the new Transit Bag carry case is included.  Voyage-Air also offers dreadnoughts, left-handed guitars, and electric guitars, all with foldable necks.

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  2. Voyage-Air was on Shark Tank several seasons ago. And they declined the offer from the sharks.

    They were featured in a recap segment several months ago.

    And Nov. 9 they will be featured again. The sharks are hungry for this company.

    Meanwhile, visit their web sit to read about their deal with Fender.

    That’s where the real growth for Voyage-Air will be. When Fender, Gibson, and other major guitar companies start featuring their own folding neck guitar.

  3. I really like the VoyageAir guitars. Great concept and good sound. My only beef with them is that they aren’t true travel guitars if you can’t take them on an aircraft with you. Their case is too large to fit in the overhead bin :-(. Another company has produced a removable neck that allows it’s guitar to fit the overhead dimensions – Journey instruments. They also have wood, carbon fiber and a classical version. They’re going to be some real competition for VoyageAir since they have multiple models and great sound in a true travelable package!

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