The Precision Gyroscope is like spinning magic

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Manuka Makers Precision Gyroscope

We show and review a lot of cool and useful gadgets here on The Gadgeteer, but sometimes it’s nice to find an item that has no real purpose other than being fun to play with. The Precision Gyroscope, a Kickstarter project from Manuka Makers, is such a gadget. Although gyroscopes have many practical uses, most of us just find them fun to play with. The Precision Gyroscope is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and solid brass. The gyroscope will be available in raw aluminum or an anodized version. The pull string will be made out of super strong Kevlar with an aluminum pull handle. There are six anodized color options (besides the raw aluminum) plus a stand option and an engraving option. This project has several funding options with a $45 pledge getting you a raw aluminum version of the Precision Gyroscope. Funding for this project runs until October 13, 2013.  If successful, the first Precision Gyroscopes are set to be delivered in the December 2013 time frame.

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