Magiccos FP 416A 14-cup digital food processor review

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REVIEW – Chopping, grating, and slicing are some of the time-consuming chores that are required if you cook a lot.  Food processors have revolutionized that process by bringing mechanization into the food prep process.  Magiccos introduced their FP 416A 1000 Watt 14-cup food processer into the crowded food processor marketplace.  Let’s take a look and see if it is a worthy contender.

What is it?

This is an extra-large capacity food processor designed to handle most food processing chores. It can chop meat, knead bread dough, make smoothies, chop ice, and grate, chop, slice, and shred veggies. with 1000 Watts of power, it can power through even the toughest food processing chores.

What’s in the box?

magiccos foodprocessor 14

  • The food processor base – pictured above
  • 14-cup processing bowl
  • Locking lid with food chute
  • Food pusher
  • Blade adapter
  • Disk adapter platform
  • Chopping blade
  • Dough blade
  • Spatula (not pictured)

magiccos foodprocessor 7

  • Reversible grating disk (fine and coarse)
  • Mashing disk
  • Reversible slicing disk (two thicknesses)

magiccos foodprocessor 1

  • Quick start guide
  • User manual
  • Service/warranty info card

Hardware specs

  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.24 x 20.28 inches
  • Weight: 8.91 pounds
  • Model number: FP 416A
  • Power: 120V-60Hz, 1000W
  • Capacity: 14 cups, 3.5 liters
  • Speeds: 7 plus pulse
  • Programs: 3 – ice crush, meat, smoothie
  • Controls: Digital, touchpad plus rotary dial
  • Color: Pearl white

Design and features

This food processor is designed much like other food processors you might have seen.

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The bottom is a large, heavy base that contains the motor and controls. The container fits on top, and the lid with the food chute fits on top of that.  The lid and the bowl combine to form a dual safety interlock.  The unit will not power up unless the bowl is locked into place and the lid is locked onto the bowl. This prevents the user from adding body parts to that smoothie.

magiccos foodprocessor 18

The controls and digital touchpads with a rotary knob in the center.  The knob controls the speed and the touch controls turn on the power, start/stop the unit, and set the operating mode. The digital display in the center counts up in manual modes and counts down when using programmed modes.

magiccos foodprocessor 17

The driveshaft sits in the middle of the top of the base. The various swoops, slots, and edges form the locking system for the processing container.

magiccos foodprocessor 15

The bottom features suction cups in all four corners, helping keep the processor security on the counter. It turns out this is an important feature.

magiccos foodprocessor 16

The side holds a requisite warning label as well as a service label with a convenient QR code as well as cooling vents for the motor.

magiccos foodprocessor 13

Inside the bowl, we see an extension of the driveshaft. The additional driveshaft extension fits on top of that to hold accessories.

magiccos foodprocessor 12

The top of the chopping blade is labeled with “UP” to help you insert it properly.

magiccos foodprocessor 11

It fits on the driveshaft accessory extension.  Here it is installed in the bowl. The dough blade is similar, but all plastic and thicker, so that it kneads rather than chops.

magiccos foodprocessor 10

You might notice the small blades on top of that driveshaft extension.  Those will engage with the disk platform.

magiccos foodprocessor 9

The disks install on top of that platform. The center portion of each disk has three openings that mate up with the top of the platform.

magiccos foodprocessor 8

Two of the disks are reversible.  First, let’s look at the slicing disk. One side with slice thicker slices.

magiccos foodprocessor 3

The other side will create slightly thinner slices.

magiccos foodprocessor 2

The grating blade is similar. One sire will produce finely grated veggies.

magiccos foodprocessor 5

The other side produces a much more coarse grating.

magiccos foodprocessor 6

The final disk is the mashing disk.  It is similar to the grating disk but is quite fine.  With the additional grating openings, it will make quick work of items, mashing them up.

magiccos foodprocessor 4

The disk assembly sits high in the container, leaving lots of room below for the sliced or greater results to gather.

magiccos foodprocessor 25


The only setup needed for the Magiccos FP 416A 14-cup digital food processor is to unpack and wash the individual items, making sure you don’t slice yourself up on the extremely sharp metal items. Everything other than the motor base is dishwasher safe. Once everything is clean and dry, put the bowl on, add the appropriate accessories, lock on the lid, plug it in, power it up and get to processing.


We decided to start by making some hash browns.  Our other food processor does a great job grating (see what I did there?) potatoes, but…it only has a fine grating disk.  We like a thicker cut, so the Magiccos’s fine/coarse grating disk seemed like a perfect solution.

We installed the disk mount and put the coarse grating disk in place.

magiccos foodprocessor 26

The extra-large food chute is terrific.  Even large potatoes fit in without having to cut them in half before processing.

magiccos foodprocessor 24

We set the unit for middle speed and hit the pulse button.  In a couple of seconds, we had coarsely grated spuds ready for the frying pan.  Nice!

magiccos foodprocessor 27

I decided to try the ice chopping program.  I’ve not seen these work very well as it turns out that it is really hard to chop ice.  The Magiccos comes with a dedicated ice chopping program.  I put in the blade, filled the cup with ice cubes, installed the top, and picked the ice chop program.

Wow!  Was this violent! The unit shook and vibrated like crazy!  The suction cups on the bottom did a terrific job of keeping the processor in place on the counter. The program started and stopped the blade several times, as well as speeding up and slowing down.  As the timer counted down, I was more and more curious about what I would find.

magiccos foodprocessor 23

I was pleasantly surprised to find perfectly pulverized ice!  This was super-finely grated.  It would be perfect for making snow cones.

magiccos foodprocessor 22

As I flipped through it with the included spatula, I couldn’t find any hard pieces or unchopped ice.

magiccos foodprocessor 21

Color me impressed!

Here’s a general product-use video provided by Magiccos.

What I like

  • Nice selection of slicing and grating disks included
  • Wide food chute means less pre-cutting
  • Terrific ice crushing program
  • Easy to clean as everything is dishwasher-safe
  • The suction cup base stays in place well
  • Enough power for just about any food processing task
  • Seven speeds allow for delicate to intense chopping

What I’d change

  • The double safety interlocks are a little finicky but do engage with a little force

Final thoughts

The Magiccos FP 416A 14-cup digital food processor is a versatile food processor.  Its dedicated programs make chopping ice, making smoothies, and chopping meat a snap.  The seven speeds allow for flexibility when processing other foods.  The dual-sided grating disk gives us options – coarse for hash browns, fine for carrot cake, etc.  We are looking forward to exploring other uses for the Magiccos 14-cup food processor. If you’re looking for a food processor that will work well for a wide variety of chopping, slicing, mashing, grating, kneading, and blending chores, this should be on your shortlist for consideration.

Price: $149.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Magiccos.

7 thoughts on “Magiccos FP 416A 14-cup digital food processor review”

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  2. I appreciate your reviews on this food processor. I bought one from Amazon. And it didn’t come with the blade for chopping. Do you know anywhere that I would be able to purchase just the blade because I can’t seem to find one at all and the company I bought it from won’t send me a blade. They just gave me a refund but now I have a new food processor I can’t use.

    1. Sarah:
      Sorry to hear about your predicament. We are an independent review site with no affiliation with any manufacturer. I don’t have any insights for you to secure a blade. Sorry.

  3. Hello, I really like that you took the time to review this food processor. I am concerned about chopping ice since in the manual they mention a blender container to use for this purpose. But nowhere they mention if this is an item to purchase separately. I have contacted the company 5 times and no one knows anything about how to chop ice or the container.
    It look like you use the same bowl. Did it get damaged or scratched due to the ice ? Please let me know, since I really purchased this processor for the 1000 watts and the chopping ice program.
    Thank you,

    1. Edith:
      I have used the regular bowl that came with the food processor to pulverize ice. It works extremely well and does absolutely no damage to the bowl.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. Thank you so much for your help. I will use it now to crush ice. Sharing and reviewing your experience really helped me. I really appreciate,

  4. I am seriously considering buying a 14 cup Magiccos food processor. I was curious if it leaks when liquid is used like some other food processors do and also how easy is it to get parts if they break? I read that this company is in China or do they also have a company or service center in the U.S.?

    1. Ours has b=never leaked with anything wet or dry in it.

      As for parts, you’d have to contact the company. I have no information on that.

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