Reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries with this mouse pen


Information for the Penclic Mouse B2 says that using this pen-like mouse will “counteract static tensions in your arms, shoulders, and neck”  that you experience while using a traditional mouse.  With the Penclic Mouse B2, you rest your arm on the desktop and use the mouse just as you would use a pen so you can “utilize and benefit from the fantastic natural control we have in our fingertips and hands.”  The mouse pen has five buttons and a scroll wheel, a laser sensor that will work on most any surface, Bluetooth connectivity, and is compatible with both PC and Mac.  You’ll get about 2 months of use between charges of the 1.2V NiMH rechargeable battery, and the Bluetooth connection reaches about 16 feet.

It’s available at Amazon for $87.99.

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5 thoughts on “Reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries with this mouse pen”

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  2. Interesting. But if you are experiencing repetitive stress symptoms I don’t know if this would help much. It would seem to me that you still will be trying to use coarse muscle movements for fine control of the pointer.

    For me, I went with Kensington’s Expert Mouse which isn’t a mouse but, rather, a trackball. Your wrist stays grounded and you control everything with just finger movements.

  3. I never have fatigue from mousing, nor do I feel that my arms/neck/back are strained. I lay my wrist on a wrist pad, adjust my mouse sensitivity, and I can move the cursor with slight wrist movements or by simply running a finger over the surface of my Magic Mouse.

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