CURB your over-heating laptop

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If you have a laptop that tends to run hot, you’ve probably tried various ways to keep it cool.  While there are laptop stands out there with fans and other features that promise to keep the laptop cool, the simplest thing to do is simply make sure no vents are blocked and to get some airflow around the laptop.  The CURB laptop stand was created by Jon Liow, who wanted something simple and small to keep his laptop from overheating and something that would also keep his cables in place when he unplugged.  He designed the CURB of food-grade silicone, so it’s light enough to throw in your gear bag, and it has a notch in the middle to corral cables.  The triangular shape of the CURB allows you to select between two elevation heights; click the photo for a better view.  You can pre-order the CURB now at designed by m for $12.99 in your choice of white, blue, green, pink, gray, “other gray”, and a limited-edition “believer green”.  Shipping is expected in October 2013, and it ships free to anywhere in the world.

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  2. $12.99 for a wedge of plastic? I can’t imagine the amount of R&D they need recoup to justify what must be 1000% markup. And you can have it any color so long as it isn’t black.

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