Honey, they shrunk the Magnus!

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Back in 2012 I reviewed Ten One Design’s Magnus minimalist magnetic stand for the iPad 2 and thought it was sexy, but limited. Ten One Design is now offering a smaller Magnus stand for the iPad mini. Instead of aluminum, this new stand is made of light weight ABS plastic with a soft rubberized coating. It’s designed similarly to the original stand with magnets embedded in the edge. These magnets mate with the magnets that are located on the left edge of the iPad mini and are used for Apple’s Smart Cover. The Magnus is a very slim stand and almost disappears when viewed head on. Unfortunately this stand suffers from the same problems as the original stand. The mini has to be in landscape orientation with the home button to the right and there are is only one viewing angle. If those issues don’t bother you, the Magnus is available now for $29.95 from Ten One Design.

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