Add sound to your outdoor decor with the Sedona PlanterSpeakers

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If you have a beautiful outdoor area for entertaining, you’ll want to have music in the area.  Many outdoor speakers I’ve seen look like rocks, but “boulders” scattered across your entertainment area may not be the look you desire.  With the Sedona PlanterSpeakers from Madison Fielding, you can add high-quality speakers disguised as planter stands.  The Sedona is only one of the styles of PlanterSpeakers, but they are sleekest, most modern of the designs.  The pots are made of UV-rated poly resin, but they look as if they are made of clay; available colors include black, weathered stone, mocha, willow (green), and red.  The bottom of each pot conceals a high-quality, 6.5″ weatherized speaker, based on a Madison Fielding driver, that can fill an area with sound.  The top of the pot has a removable plant tray and a drain, so that water doesn’t pool into the speaker area.  The floor-standing metal frame, made of powder-coated wrought iron, has the smallest footprint (14.5 x 13 inches) of any outdoor speaker from the company.  It also incorporates an “acoustic reflector for balanced, radial dispersion of sound (specifically mid and high frequencies)”. The Sedona PlanterSpeakers are only available through custom installers and specialty audio/video retailers.  MSRP is $599 each.

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