Put a little Zing in your water, vodka and salad dressings


I was finally able to kick my daily 20 oz Diet Coke habit several months ago by using a 24 oz. Bubba Brands Hero insulated steel bottle. I fill with 5 ice cubes from home and when I get to work, I fill it with cold water and 2 Twinings Cold Brew iced tea bags. By noon I have perfect ice cold iced tea. That works great for lunch time, but I’ve been looking for an alternative to hot tea or plain water for the rest of the day. I think I have found what might be the perfect gadget solution with Zing Anything Aqua Zinger water bottles. The Aqua Zinger features a double walled stainless steel bottle with a BPA free plastic cap and special grinder section that screws to the bottom where you place pieces of fruit, mint, etc.  When you twist that section, it grinds the pieces into pulp and allows the extracted flavors to travel through a fine-combed mesh screen to  infuse the water. This results in a flavorful water, without sugar or chemical additives. Zing Anything offers 3 other Zingers including one made specifically for use with citrus and one for making salad dressings. Prices range from $16.99 – $25.99. They have sent me a few samples, so look for a review soon.

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