Delta Six game controller adds firepower to your shooting games

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Delta Six
Looking to take that FPS (First Person Shooter) experience to the next level? Are you tired of dropping the enemy like every other gamer out there? Do you want to have the baddest @ssed looking game controller in cyberspace? The the Delta Six game controller may be what you need to add to your gaming arsenal. The Delta Six is a FPS game controller built to look and feel like a real weapon. The Delta Six has the ability to know when you lift the controller to aim or move it to melee, it uses motion control as well as other technologies to achieve this level of sophistication. The Delta Six is built on the Arduino platform and is open source so developers can interface with it. The Delta Six is a Kickstarter project by David Kotkin and is seeking funding until June 7, 2013 with an estimated delivery in Dec 2013. This controller is compatible with the PC, XBOX and PS3 and will be upgradeable to the next generation systems via a downloadable patch. Funding options start at $1 and run to $500 with $159 getting you a Delta Six game controller.

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11 thoughts on “Delta Six game controller adds firepower to your shooting games”

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  2. Donald Schoengold

    If it really looks like a real weapon and you are carrying it around, you are likely to be shot by the cops. Also, isn’t there some law on the books relating to replica weapons. If not, there should be.

  3. Also, isn’t there some law on the books relating to replica weapons. If not, there should be.

    What sort of comment is this?? What sort of law do you think there should be? Anyone walking around in public carrying this will likely invite attention from the authorities so is anything else needed? If you think this is bad, better not Google “airsoft” – you’ll be very upset…

  4. It comes with an orange tip just like all airsoft guns. If someone wants to be an idiot and run around pretending this is real, that’s their problem. This is designed to be used it the home and I have no idea why someone would be walking around in public waving one around.

  5. This is a controller designed to be used with *already existing* games. If you think this controller is a problem . . . I question your critical thinking skills.

    Also, if you actually read the Kickstarter, you’d know that the final product will come with an orange tip on the barrel, OR you can get it in white, if you’re that concerned about it.

    I would really like to see The Gadgeteer just stop posting updates on things like this, or the Lego books with plans for building firearm replicas. I come here for gadgets, not politics.

  6. Just as an FYI about why I consider this game controller worthy of a posting on The Gadgeteer. Aside from the unique form factor for this game controller, I can only imagine the amount of design work, technology and trial and error that went into developing a game controller that works on several gaming platforms. I understand that there are various opinions concerning this controllers design theme but please take the post for what I intended it to be, a nod to folks who are looking at how we play certain types of games and developing a technology to make it more interactive. If you are a gamer you know 2 things in gaming are true;
    1. you are always looking for that advantage over the game or your opponent.
    2. you are always looking for a more interesting way to interact or immures yourself into the games.

    Please take this post as it was intended.

    Larry g

  7. @Larry, nice follow up. Some people take politics too far and don’t see what’s right in front of them, which is an awesome peripheral! By the way, the Delta Six has already gone over 100% funded! I’m in!

  8. I find it funny that people bitch and moan about things like this and their kids or other kids. Look folks, this stuff is designed for people 16(18) or older. If you have kids using it then that is your job to put it in proper context. Don’t go being a lazy douche of a parent and blame the game developer or in this case the delta six for things that you aren’t taking initiative to do. Take some damn accountability.

  9. I thought that this was a good product and I invested my money into kickstarter in order to obtain one before everyone else. Unfortunately enough this company is the most incompetent organization I’ve ever had the displeasure of working with. two years past the date when they said that we were going to get our product and I still haven’t obtained it. The topping on the cake is that just yesterday they wanted to extort $30 more dollars for shipping even though I have already paid for shipping. Don’t waste you’re time with this piece of shit. It isn’t worth it.

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