Keep fresh herbs fresh longer with the Herb Savor

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If you like to use fresh herbs in your cooking but you’re tired of how quickly those expensive packets from the grocery store wilt, you need the Herb Savor from Prepara.  The Herb Savor has been proven to keep herbs fresh for up to three weeks.  You just place the herbs in the basket with stems pointing down, rinse them, stand the basket in the base that’s been filled with fresh water, and place everything in the refrigerator.  The Herb Savor also works to keep asparagus fresh.  It’s available from Prepara (at the above link) for $29.99 or from Amazon for $27.89 (and eligible for Prime shipping).

5 thoughts on “Keep fresh herbs fresh longer with the Herb Savor”

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  2. to Andrew – The problem is if you freeze or dry fresh herbs, they are no longer fresh herb, like dehydrated water 🙂

    1. @meistervu Exactly… we make a lot of soups at my house and often go outside to get some fresh parsley to add in. Over the winter we didn’t have any, so we used the dry stuff and it was….well….ick. 🙂 Fresh is best.

  3. Robert van Weersch

    A cheaper alternative: rinse the herbs, put them between moist kitchen paper sheets (or paper towels), put it in a closed box, and keep it in the fridge. Most herbs will last two week easily.

  4. @Robert – Yes, that’s what I do now. While I generally dislike the idea of unitaskers (to quote Alton Brown, things that’s design for a single purpose) as they take up space, I can see if you use fresh herbs a lot in your cooking, this container may help keep it fresher as the leaves have more space to breath.

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