Seagate Slim hard drive giveaway!

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Seagate and The Gadgeteer want to help you celebrate Mother’s Day by giving away a super skinny new Seagate Slim portable hard drive.

Today’s mom is busy, connected and looking for ways to keep everything balanced and organized.  So this Mother’s Day, why not give mom something to keep it all together?  With thousands of priceless photos, videos and other files that need to be kept secure, she needs a simple and FAST way to back up precious content.  Seagate’s new storage product, the Seagate Slim, is a perfect gift for the job.  It’s sleek and portable (just slightly larger than an iPhone 5 and as thick as a pencil), and comes with a software Dashboard that allows for one-click or scheduled backup and the added feature of back up for Facebook and Flickr albums.

Read on for details on how to win.


Seagate Slim portable hard drive ($80 value)

How to enter (please read carefully – any missed steps and your entry will be disqualified):

1. Between now and 05/12/2013 11:59PM EST leave a comment telling us about the strangest or most unique  gift you ever gave your Mom on Mother’s Day.

2. At some point on 05/13/2013, I’ll pick 1 random winner using The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to choose their prize pack. If I do not receive an answer to my email, I’ll do other drawings till the prize is gone.


1. Only one entry per person (warning: I check IP addresses).

2. Gadgeteer writers, family members and close friends may not enter this contest.

3. is not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping addresses.

4. Winner must have a US shipping address.

Update: The winner is #47 Paul!

57 thoughts on “Seagate Slim hard drive giveaway!”

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  2. Tracey Simmons

    I gave my mother an she tray when I was 9 ..problem was my mother doesn’t smoke 😉

  3. I had my mom’s favorite (really old, purchased in Germany) recording of Beethoven’s violin concerto digitized. No currently available CD version would do because they didn’t have the right cadenzas!

  4. My mom is 5′ tall…I actually gave her a copy of Randy Newman’s song “Short People” back in the late 70’s…

  5. Patrick Mienke

    I was about 8 years old I painted a rock that I found in the yard with a picture of Me and gave it to Her

  6. This year I’m getting my mother a multiple winery tour package where you have to bike from one winery to the next. Could be interesting after the second one 😉

  7. I once gifted my mother Potatoes & Eggs. Apparently she really wanted them for breakfast, so I cooked for her 😉

  8. Back in elementary school, the teachers told us to go out and collect shells. We then used those shells and glued them to a piece of paper to give to our mother’s for Mother’s Day. Playing with the glue was the best part.

  9. I gave her a picture of me riding on my motorcycle that was taken when I was riding in the Texas Hill Country. Heck, every mom needs a photo of their daughter on a motorcycle right?!

  10. Stanley Goodner

    I was born on May 12 mothers day, which is the ultimate unique gift for a brand-new mom (literally!).

  11. William Mitchell

    A hand draw picture of a chicken. Strange things we made in elementary school.

  12. I gave my mom a frame made with pasta on it when I was in like the second grade (good job teach!). She was all WTF…A few wks later, half the pasta was gone. Some rodent had eaten it all off…

  13. Gave her a glued macaroni picture and adorned the borders with flowers and vines. Vines turned out to be poison ivy…

  14. Us Brothers purchased our Mother a house, took here to dinner and drove her back to her new home, gave her keys and wished a Happy Mother’s Day. She lives there and we take care of the bills. greatest feeling ever.

  15. I gave my Mom a compact digital camera with an optical viewfinder. It was really hard to find one of those!

  16. My mom hated to cook. So when I was 13 I cooked her a dinner then offered to cook for the next week. I ended up doing aboiut half the family meals until I went to college.

  17. Gold spray-painted macaroni-decorated box (I think the teacher must have sprayed them). She had it on her dresser until after I went to college.

  18. When I was twelve, I gave my Mom a puppy on Mother’s Day, thinking she will love it as much as I did, but I forgot about her dog allergies. Oopsies!

  19. On a mother’s day some time ago, my brothers and I took some money from our mom, (stole) , and we bought her an elephant figurine. Since she loves. Them because to her they are good luck. She was so pissed off, at first. Bit then. She saw the gift. She laughed so much.

  20. Back several years ago I transferred our old family super 8 movies to DVD. We watched them together for the first time in 25 years. It was unforgettable.

  21. I gave my Mom a homemade card for Mother’s day. But I was 29 years old. Don’t worry – there were tickets to San Francisco in there also.

  22. Frederick Reich

    My Mother loved the music of Count Basie, Lena Horne and so on. Lena was playing Westbury, NY and I got her tickets for her show. That was a lifetime ago. Mom has been gone 30 years already. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I miss you.

  23. I gave her a garden hose. I know lame, but it is exactly something she had wanted for awhile

  24. That would be today’s present. My mom is a big puzzle enthusiast. I found out that National Geographic can make a puzzle for your house from Google Maps, so I bought that for her.

  25. Donald Schoengold

    My brother and I visited her many times in Florida for our distant homes – in spite of the fact that we both hated Florida.

  26. Flowers that didn’t come on time and when they arrived, looked horrible!

    Don’t use online flower sites was the lesson I earned.

  27. I am embarrassed to admit that when I was around 12 I used all of my own pocket money to purchase my mother a porcelain doggy toilet brush. I thought it was the nicest gift ever at the time.

  28. i had my mom over for brunch and she was talking about how she wanted special pasta plates. someone had given me some for a gift that i had never used or even opened, so i regifted them to my mom on the spot. she loved them.

  29. Several years ago I purchased my mother a subscription to a service that provided a variety of flower bulbs every month for a year. She loved it!

  30. When I was about 9 years old I gave my Mom a dog collar with a wish that I would get a “Scotty Dog” — we did! And I loved that little dog so much.

  31. W. K. Prusaczyk

    The most unusual gift was me. I drove almost 800 miles to visit without telling my parents I was coming. I was going to phone Mom and then knock on the door. Unfortunately, my parents were leaving the house as I arrived, so I stopped at the top of the driveway and got out of my car. Neither of my parents recognized me, buy they did stop to ask if they could help the “stranded motorist.” So unexpected, it took a minute or two before Mom knew it was me. Happy Mothers’ Day!

  32. My mom love her MacBook pro very much. Once I bought MacBook Air and installed Windows XP on it. I gave her on Mother’s day. Never forget her face when Windows XP was booting on new MacBook Air. I god scolded. 🙂

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