Speed up your grilling with the BBQ Dragon

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One of the perks of a charcoal grill is the charred taste that comes from the searing heat of the coals. The most annoying part of a charcoal grill is waiting for the coals to heat up. With the BBQ Dragon, your wait time is reduced to a mere ten minutes. The BBQ Dragon clips onto the side of the grill and works by blowing large amounts of low-velocity air onto the fire to raise the temperature; it can be adjusted to different air speeds. It is cordless and easily recharged by plugging it in via a micro-USB cable, or by changing out the AA batteries inside and will last several hours on a charge. After only a few days, the Kickstarter project is well on its way to being funded, and currently you can reserve one of your own for $50.  They hope to ship them out to backers in July.

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7 thoughts on “Speed up your grilling with the BBQ Dragon”

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  2. I find that a charcoal chimney works great, the charcoal is ready to use in about 20 mins. They claim the “BBQ Dragon” only takes 10 mins. But since I don’t have to be there for either who cares? The chimney was less than $20, doesn’t require batteries has no moving parts to wear out. So I don’t see a reason to replace it with a $50 fan.

  3. RainyDayInterns

    OK…after thinking about it some more (Yes…we are suckers for BBQ/grill gear) and checking out their Kickstarter page, we may have to give them a second look as being able to get the charcoal hot quickly does have a lot of appeal.

  4. I’ve heard of the chimney and have been wanting to try it myself. Maybe if I see one on sale I’ll pick it up. 🙂

  5. I love the idea! I always wished the chimney worked faster because I am a heavy bbq user! Sometimes i just want to have a grilled steak ASAP! Gonna get one of these ones for sure. Also, i see they are 42, not 50.

  6. Ryan, there are multiple brands of Charcoal chimneys, they can be found on Amazon.com, in Lowes and Home Depot stores as well as their web sites. I even noticed that Homedepot.com had a chimney with a fan powered by 3 AA batteries for $40. Plus you can get it now.

  7. I tried this with a shopvac once. Made a huge mess; ashes everywhere.

    Now I’ve got the Weber charcoal grill with the propane burner. Pile the coals in the middle before you put away the grill, then next time you just have to take off the lid and click the ignitor. It takes less time than a chimney starter, but I keep mine around for starting fresh charcoal while the grill is in use.

    Also, (I got this trick from Alton Brown) smear a little vegetable oil on the newspaper before you stuff it in the chimney starter and it’ll start more reliably and faster.

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