Grip Clip – A nerd fashion accessory

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With only 6 days to go, the Grip Clip Kickstarter project is already fully funded. This small injection molded silicone clip slides onto the temple of your glasses and provides  an open gripper that can hold a pencil, pen, or other similarly sized object. The look is akin to sticking a pencil behind your ear, but it offers a more secure hold on the object that it grips. I can imagine the Grip Clip being used by carpenters and similar workers, but can’t really see the average Joe or Jane using one… Unless they happen to be a brainiac nerd. Then it becomes a fashion accessory 🙂 If the Grip Clip is just what you’ve been looking for, you can pledge as little as $5 for 3 of them. Shipping is expected in June.

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