Logic3 and Ferrari unveil an AirPlay speaker – VROOM

Logic3_FS!_ Speaker

Logic3 has introduced the Scuderia FS1 Air speaker dock from their Ferrari Audio lineup of speakers and headphones:. The design is inspired by Scuderia Racing Team’s work with Ferrari. The Speaker looks fast with a sloping front nose and a raised spoiler in the rear. Even the two rear-facing speaker grills look like classic tailpipe openings. A black exterior with red accents complete the Ferrari design influence. The FS1 comes with impressive specs: Class HD amp, DSP (digital signal processing), passive bass radiator, composite video out, USB charging port, 3.5mm Aux port and charging dock. It also has AirPlay AND Bluetooth – unusual for both wireless technologies to be in one device. The Scuderia FS1 is available now and retails for $649 US.

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