IPEVO Perch Side Security Stand for iPad review

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The IPEVO Perch Side Security Stand (shipped in safe but bland cardboard boxes) is a fixed height, adjustable orientation/angle, table/chair-side stand for your iPad (versions 2-4). You can opt for either the snap-in top or a secure top that locks the iPad in place and prevents access to the Home button, which makes this version useful for kiosk/display applications. This isn’t a stand that’s going to fit into most home use scenarios, but rather seems more interesting for a school/office/retail setting.

Unboxing and Assembly

perch-schettino-review-02Inside the main box is the stand and non-locking top.


The stand itself consists of a Y base that attaches to a fixed height (33″) aluminum leg. The iPad holder includes a tilt/swivel attachment that snaps securely  into the leg, with full cutouts for all ports/buttons/connectors.
The security top can be used instead of the non-secure top. This includes a sleeve that prevents the top from being removed from the leg, a keyed lock to prevent the iPad from being removed from the holder, and an optional Home button cover for “kiosk” applications.
The base includes a pair of cutouts which would allow you to mount the base to the floor. This would prevent the whole thing from being stolen or allow you to securely mount it in one place. For non-secure use, the base is quite stable without being screwed into the floor.

Usability (non-secure mode)


The Perch’s non-secure iPad holder is a thick rubber material with an edge that holds the iPad in place. You press on the tab on the side to flex the holder enough to snap the iPad in or out, and then release the tab. Once in the holder, all ports (and the speaker) are still accessible via cutouts.
For desk-side use, the height is reasonable, but the fixed nature of the stand (both in height and angle of the leg) limit it to desk-side or chair-side use. For example, I wasn’t able to use it with my large recliner sofa or as a bedside stand. It was too high for the former and too low for the latter with my furniture. It is the right height for use with standard office/school desks.
You can see it’s reasonable height for working at a desk.
The base/leg pitch puts the iPad just slightly behind the front edge of the base – this means it’s either used pushed back from you, or you somehow slide the base under your desk or chair. I found this wasn’t always possible in my case!
The good news here is the base/leg holds the iPad quite steady. I had no problem interacting with it in either landscape or portrait orientations. The iPad holder rotates easily in either direction and pitches up/down/left/right as well.

Locking It Down

perch-schettino-review-11 Swapping out the iPad holder for the Secure holder is as simple as removing one and then inserting and screwing down the other. The secure holder includes a keyed tab to lock in the iPad. If you want to prevent access to the Home button, a second tab that you slip over the iPad’s Home button before locking it down is provided.
A cover is provided to cover the tab that releases the top from the leg. A hex screw is included to install this cover.   This prevents casual theft, but someone who wanted to remove the top could easily unscrew this screw with any off-the-shelf hex key. Not exactly secure, but more secure than nothing. In all other ways (including access to the other ports on the iPad), the secure iPad holder functions the same.  It too has an easy portrait/landscape rotation, tilt/swivel connection to the leg.


The Perch is targeted for chair/desk-side use, and for that it works well. Its lack of height adjustment limits its use in other settings. The secure iPad holder provides a measure of security, but not against a determined thief.


Product Information

  • iPad 2-4
  • Secure (locked) stand for retail display
  • Table/fixed/adjustable orientation display for desk-side use.
  • Fixed height/angle of stand base limits configuration options.

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