ZAGG’s Animatone Earbuds and Headphones protect your child’s hearing

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ZAGG may be more known for their protective device skins, but they’ve long offered their ifrogz line of earbuds and headphones.  They now have some Animatone products that are designed just for children.  As you know, the loud volumes produced by earphones and headphones can damage hearing.  Some devices include maximum-volume settings for their audio functions, but not all do.  With these Animatone products, you won’t have to worry if your device doesn’t have a limit or if your child has found some way to by-pass the limits, because these Animatone products have a built-in volume limit.  No matter what, the built-in volume governor will not produce sound levels over 85 decibels.  The headphones and earphones are sized to fit smaller heads and ears, and the cute designs will appeal to kids.  The Animatone Over-Ear Headphones ($24.99) are available with a green Turtle, red Lady Bug, or blue Snail design.  The Animatone Earbuds ($19.99) are available in a green, red, or blue Snake design.

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