Clone or erase USB flash drives without a computer

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With the 1:2 Standalone USB 2.0 Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser from StarTech, you won’t need a computer to duplicate or clean off your USB flash drives.  You can clone a drive to one or two target flash drives or erase two USB flash drives simultaneously.  Copying is fast, at 1.5GB/min, and you can opt to copy only content instead of the full volume.  Specifications say that the “target USB ports of the duplicator also support connecting to external USB storage devices. The standalone USB duplicator supports copying/cloning to SD/ SDHC/ Micro SD/ MMC/ Mini SD/ CF media through a USB multimedia card reader (sold separately), and to Hard Drives or Solid State Drives through a Hard Drive docking station or USB enclosure.”  When erasing, you can choose Secure Erase, which “follows the USA Department of Defense (DoD) secure erase standard, passing over the flash drive 3 times to ensure that the data has been completely wiped.”  This may be overkill for most home users, but it could be a boon to small businesses, service groups, or charities who pass out their information on USB drives.  The 1:2 Standalone USB 2.0 Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser is $211.99.

2 thoughts on “Clone or erase USB flash drives without a computer”

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  2. so it allows you to not use a computer….

    ….for the price of … a computer…

    and i may add, a computer that would have much more USB ports than 3! 😀

  3. The speed for data transfer of USB 3.0 drives is manifold as compared to the USB 2.0 drives. Additionally, USB 3.0 is backward compatible with USB 2.0 ports. The bandwidth of the USB 3.0 drives is nearly 5 Gbps full duplex which makes it capable to provide better power management. Thence the improved bandwidth makes it usable and increases its demand as well.

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