Click & Grow Smartpot flowerpots get even smarter

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Last month I posted a review of the Click & Grow Smartpot flowerpot and had a positive experience with it except for one important thing… Trying to grow a plant in Southern Indiana during the winter months, even with an auto watering flowerpot, just doesn’t work that well due to short sunlight hours. The folks at Click & Grow must be listening to mine and others comments, because they have designed a new product looking for funding through Kickstarter. The Smart Herb Garden allows you to grow 3 different plants at one time and offers an LED lamp to make sure the plants always have the right amount of light. This crowdfunded project started 2 days ago and they’ve already surpassed their $75,000 funding goal. Pledges start at $39 and go up to $10,000 if you want to be flown out to their labs to pick up one of the first Smart Herb Gardens to roll off the assembly line.

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  2. So much resource to grow a plant, it’s not really green after all. There are plenty of plants out there which are suitable for the environment you are in and thus is more ecologically correct.

    I love gadgets, but this one doesn’t really appeal to me.

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