Victorinox Swiss Army Jetsetter USB Flash Drive review

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The Victorinox Swiss Army Jetsetter USB Flash Drive combines a few “tools” with a removable USB flash drive which is available in 8, 16 and 32GB capacities. Will it become your new favorite EDC tool for home and office? Let’s see.

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Technical Specs

USB 2.0

What’s in the Package?

Victorinox Swiss Army Jetsetter Flash Drive


The Jetsetter USB Flash Drive is an exclusive Apple store product that features a detachable shock-resistant and water-resistant flash drive, several tools and is pre-loaded with security software specific to Mac devices.

At first glance you might mistake it for a standard Swiss Army knife. It has the same type of plastic handles with the Victorinox Swiss Army logo in silver.


I reviewed another Victorinox Swiss Army flash drive a couple years go. It had aluminum handles and no tools. The lack of tools was kind of a bummer, so I was excited to try the Jetsetter.


I hoped it might be able to replace the pocket knife and the other flash drive that I carry every day. Unfortunately disappointment set in as soon as I opened the “blades”.


The set of tools differ depending on the flash drive capacity. I was sent the 8GB version which is Black and includes: scissors, nail file with screwdriver tip, removable tweezers, tiny split key ring, ballpoint pen with Blue ink and clamshell package opener.

I found that in order to extend the nail file that you first have to extend the clamshell package opener because the file does not have a groove on the edge to help you open it.

The 16 GB is available in Red and includes scissors, bottle opener, magnetic Phillips screwdriver, wire stripper, tweezers, tiny split key ring and a ballpoint pen with Blue ink.

The 32 GB version is available in Silver Tech and includes scissors, bottle opener with magnetic Phillips head screwdriver and wire stripper, ballpoint pen with Blue ink, LED mini light, tweezers, and tiny split key ring.


If you’re like me, you’re wondering about a knife blade. The only tool with a sharp edge is the hook shaped clamshell package opener… The bright side is that the Jetsetter has a flight-friendly, TSA-compliant design because the package opener blade and scissors are shorter than the longest allowable length. That said, I have a feeling if they see this tool when you empty your pockets during check-in, that they will hassle you about it anyway.


The flash drive is supposed to be detachable, but for the life of me, I’m not able to remove the one I have been testing. The other flash drive I reviewed (Orange one pictured above) wasn’t difficult to remove. I was afraid I’d break the plastic hook that holds it in the case, so I gave up after a few minutes of wrestling with it.

When the drive is inserted in a USB port, the plastic base and logo glow/blink in Red.


The Jetsetter comes pre-loaded with security software that lets you easily encrypt important files and safely store frequently used usernames and passwords. It also offers a private web browsing feature that keeps your bookmarks, temporary files, browsing history, and cookies off the computer you’re using.

My normal practice is to delete this software the first time I plug the drive into a computer. But since I was reviewing this flash drive, I figured I’d give it a quick test.


Oops! The included app isn’t compatible with Snow Leopard on my Macbook Air… Since this is an Apple exclusive product, there isn’t a Windows version either… Oh well, so much for testing the included software… How many of you out there actually use the software that comes bundled on flash drives?


Copying files back and forth from the Jetsetter to a computer works just like every other flash drive on the market, so there are no surprises there. There isn’t anything about this flash drive other than the included tools that make it better or worse than other drives. To me the tools are kind of boring. The only one I might end up using would be the ballboint pen. I’d MUCH rather have a knife blade instead of scissors and the nail file… If you’re a fan of of Victorinox Swiss Army products, the Jetsetter makes an ok addition to a collection. In end, I’ll stick with my little Spyderco Lady Bug pocket knife and the PNY Hook flash drive on my keychain.


Product Information

Price:$39.95 (8GB), $49.99 (16GB) $99.99 (32GB)
Manufacturer:Victorinox Swiss Army
  • TSA friendly
  • Includes a ballpoint pen
  • Included software only for OSX v10.7 or later
  • No knife blade
  • Can't open nail file without opening clamshell opener first.

9 thoughts on “Victorinox Swiss Army Jetsetter USB Flash Drive review”

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  2. Wow, this is a perfect pocket tool for a traveler. I cannot believe only Apple carries it; no wonder I’ve never seen it.

    I’ve been using the Leatherman Style PS, but I think Victorinox scissors work much, much better.

    The key to dealing with TSA is to unfold your pocket tool completely, so that it is obvious at a glance that none of the tools are blades. TSA will grab it, look at it for 2 seconds, and put it back; never had a hassle.

  3. The “clamshell package opener” is actually an orange peeler, according to the Swiss Army website. And that’s exactly what I use it for; it works beautifully. (I carry a Minichamp.)

  4. Julie, love your knife choice. I own like 6 Spydercos: Finch, Tern, Cat, Chicago, Dragonfly 2, Dragonfly Salt. Finally had to force myself to stop collecting them.

  5. @Julie, the Dragonfly Salt is my favorite, but I probably carry the Chicago the most.

    My quick thoughts:

    Dragonfly Salt – I wanted a rust proof knife, since I like being around water. My first Spyderco, and I ended up falling in love with Spydercos.

    Dragonfly 2 – I liked the Salt so much, that I bought a cheaper non-rust proof model, for everyday carry (so I didn’t damage my Salt model). Plus, it was in black, so it didn’t stand out as much as the yellow Salt model.

    Finch – a Ladybug clone, I thought I wanted a keychain knife, but have since realized the blade on my Victorinox is good enough for a keychain.

    Chicago – I wanted a liner lock knife from Spyderco, which is easier to open one handed. Love using it as a knife, but for carry purposes, it doesn’t fit into my coin pocket, which is my preferred knife pocket.

    Cat – A smaller Chicago that fit into the coin pocket of my jeans. The Cat, Dragonfly 2, and the Dajo Ascent are my primary carry knives (the Dajo is the only non-Spyderco knife that I still regularly use).

    Tern – a knife I bought for my UK trip, as they ban locking folders. Spyderco has multiple versions, but I bought the cheapest in case it got confiscated.

  6. Thanks for the review. Will be getting one of theses as my flight safe swissbit doesn’t cut it anymore with 2GB of storage. Need 16 at least on my keys!

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