neoscop tube.ONE – Wave machine for the 21st century

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Reminiscent of the 1970’s and 80’s wave machines and lava lamps, German manufacturer BusinessCom AG brings us the neoscop tube.ONE wave generator. It’s like having part of the ocean in your home. A brushless and virtually noiseless precision motor provides the propulsion for the wave oscillator and LEDs illuminate the tank to offer a relaxing watery art show.

The skeleton substructure of this device is constructed of high-gloss polished INOX-steel that is coated with a special dust-repellant nano coating so you won’t have to break out your feather duster very often. The wave tank measures 30in (760 mm) wide, with a tube diameter of 4in (100 mm) and an overall height of 11in (280 mm). A limited edition of 999 units of the neoscop tube.ONE will be available on a build to order basis. The expected price is approximately $4,500 (~ 3.300 €) plus taxes. Who’s going to be the first to order one?

9 thoughts on “neoscop tube.ONE – Wave machine for the 21st century”

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  2. Yeah, I’m thinking ¥4500 might be more the mark before sales lift off. Anyone who would pay $4500 for THAT is more in need of diversions than is healthy for them.

  3. Sigh. Back in the day, after, well let’s say “using” a certain herbal substance, this is the type of thing you’d sit for hours and watch. Anybody remember color organs?

    Don’t bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to me…..

  4. May be I will just go to beach near by, then take good video of it with sound, then loop it over and over and over and……

  5. I have been developing a custom wave motion machine for three years now. I actually brought them back to popularity in recent years and I own the Internet market for them. If you are looking for a quality hand built wave machine, look no further. I have perfected my fluid formula and it is unparalleled by anything you have seen thus far included this machine (as beautifully over engineered as it is). Please take a moment and visit my Facebook Business page at or if you don’t have Facebook, drop me an email at Large scale, UV reactive fluids, high quality polished hardwood bases, HD REAL ocean sound and much more for well under $1000. I plan to release Summer 2013, but you can follow the prototype progress on the Business Page. I also sell vintage Lava brand Wve Macjknes from time to time. Take care all and hope to see you there!

    Torrey Hughes
    Hughes Wave Motion Machines

    1. Hi , you are right you are telling this since years, but you dont deliver. I follow that project for years, but you only announce. Can you deliver any kind of large wave machine?

  6. Well said Torrey,and from what I have seen on your site during the last month,your dedication to the product,research of just the right fluid compositions and customer satisfaction is well worth the consideration for your products.And your prices are definitely appreciated.

  7. STUPID price you got on there. In the 70’s they cost about 20.00-30.00 at spencer’s gifts.
    I wouldn’t pay this if i DID have the money for it. lol

  8. I’ll make you a deal of a lifetime, mark it down to a more realistic price of say oh $40.00 USD do I’ll take it off you’re hands asap ! 😛

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