This is what Apple’s Smart Case should have been

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khomo-super-slim-case-ipad-miniJulie and I were talking over the holiday about cases for the iPad mini, and she mentioned that Apple wasn’t making a version of their Smart Case to fit the iPad mini.  I told her I had tried one for my full-sized iPad and couldn’t return it quickly enough because it was ill-fitting and had an out-turned rim that hurt my hands.  While digging around on Amazon, I found an iPad mini case from KHOMO Accessories that looks to be what the Smart Case should have been.  The KHOMO Super Slim Case for iPad mini has a polyurethane, segmented cover that folds into the now-familiar triangular stand.  The front cover is permanently attached to the snap-on, hard-rubberized polycarbonate back.  You can order KHOMO Super Slim cases from KHOMO directly, or the cases are available at Amazon in the US for $12.99 (just search for khomo ipad mini super slim).  They are available in black, orange, blue, purple, pink, or a red/black combination.  I’m waiting for my blue Super Slim case to be delivered from Amazon.

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  2. I’ve been using Apple’s Smart Cover and a clear case (that supports the smart cover) with my iPad mini. Loving it so far.

  3. I’m curious to know how well the case works. I’ve kept away from the triangle folding covers because they tend to flap around annoyingly, forcing me to consciously hold them in place. I’d also like to know if there are any inadvertent wake/sleeps caused by the cover.

    I’ve been using a DodoCase Hardcover (with the 3M adhesive) and am liking it so far.

  4. I actually like the triangle folding covers. Only bad thing about it is that the suede side does get dirty quite fast.

  5. I like my smart case for the full size. I’d be curious about this for the mini. We bought the Smart cover for the one we have, but it offers no back protection. Be looking for more developments here.

  6. I’ve got either their (or one very similar) version for the full size iPad and had one for my Galaxy Tab 7.0. They work like you would expect, except that they don’t stay closed. They do not include magnets (which wouldn’t have mattered on the Galaxy Tab anyway) or any other mechanism to keep the cover closed and it has a tendency to sort of “flap about” unless you put something on top of it or put it inside another case. Even if you lay it totally flat, the top of the cover never seems to fully make contact with the screen and lifts up a little bit. Aesthetically, it drove me a little nuts, but it in no way inhibited the function at all. The grippy material was nice to hold and didn’t show fingerprints at all. But, the screen did show the little “dots” from the grip material when it came in contact with it, like you had rested a basketball on the screen. It probably doesn’t make sense reading it, but you’ll see what I mean when yours arrive. 🙂

  7. Of course, I went to the website, and it does say that these have the magnets to close the screen and use the sleep/awake function, and it also looks like the covers are smooth and don’t have that “basketball” grippy material. Figures…

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