Gramophone – Thomas Edison’s favorite iPhone speaker system

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The Gramophone combines sculpture with sound to create a unique speaker system for the iPhone or iPad that will definitely turn heads (and ears). Designed to resemble a Victorian era phonograph, the base of the Gramophone is constructed of solid walnut and the horn is made of iron and brass. The interesting thing about this speaker is that it does not require any external power. Special channels carved into the base funnel the sound from the iPhone or iPad’s built in speakers into the horn, where it is naturally amplified 3 to 4 times. The iPhone version is priced at $249 and you can buy the iPad version for $299.

5 thoughts on “Gramophone – Thomas Edison’s favorite iPhone speaker system”

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  2. as usual, another cool product design that is only for Apple products. More than half of the smartphone market is android, so be so narrow minded?

  3. Paul:

    I think it’s just a fine-fitting base and a hollowed out channel to the horn. If that’s the case, you can make a custom base/adapter out of sculpy or some other rubberized heat-activated clay. So long as your phones speaker is at the base if your phone, that is…

  4. I may be missing something but I don’t see how, absent any power input, this can amplify anything. Redirect maybe. Focus maybe. But I don’t see how the total amount of sound energy delivered by the iDevice can go up unless some external energy is supplied.

  5. David:

    Think of a tuba. Now remove the mouth piece. Blow through the mouthpiece. Now put the mouth piece back and blow. Seems louder, right?

    Same idea. Or cheerleaders’ megaphone.

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