Doxie One mobile scanner – paperless made personal

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Doxie makes going paperless easy with their new Doxie One personal scanner.  It’s about the size of an empty paper towel roll, so it fits into a desk drawer or your gear bag.  You can scan anywhere, and the scans will be stored onto an SD card.  When you get back to your computer (Mac or PC) or your iPad, you can easily transfer your images from the SD card or via USB connection with the scanner.  (It works with the iPad with 30-pin or Lightning connectors, but optional SD card reader adapters are required.)  It can scan a page in 8 seconds or a photo in 5, and it comes with the Doxie app with ABBYY® OCR technology.  The Doxie One is available in all the beautiful colors shown above, and it’s $149.00 at Doxie.

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