Dragonthorn Leatherworks PCS contest voting now open

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The 10 finalists have been chosen for the Dragonthorn Leatherworks PCS contest. Please check out the interesting entries that we received and vote on your favorite.

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The Winners are:

1st Place: Larry #9
2nd Place: Bear #2
3rd Place: Jason #10

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered and voted!


1. Bearcat – Pocket Square

bearcat 1

2. Bearcat PAN Flute System

bearcat 2

3. John Leasia – I need a PCS to carry a usb drive and a couple SDHC cards or similar for cameras.  And a spot for an ID card that is handy for getting in through security controlled doors. A slot that held a security card, credit card, driver’s license would be nice as I tend to not travel with much other than that.


4. Linda Pettit – Three things I want to be able to keep together in my purse are:

1. a notepad
2. a pen
3. a place to stick my receipts and floating pieces of paper.
I would like to be able to reach in my purse and FIND the notepad and pen, or stuff my receipt in SOMETHING I can feel. I usually just throw them in my purse and a few days later dump everything out to get my notes and receipts.
My purse is like a black hole and I hope to be able to have something like the sketch I made to be more organized. I also made a crude mock-up with paper and had my son hold it so I could take pictures.
linda 1
linda 2

5. Betty Widerski – My design is for carrying:

– a 3.5-4 inch pocket pen. E.g., a Fisher Bullet pen, which is 3.75″ closed, or the 4″ pen in my photo which is from a recent Kickstarter.

– a tube of lip balm

– one or two credit/ID cards and/or some folded cash.

There would be a main compartment sleeve sized to fit the cards, with a rounded bottom to avoid pointy corners sticking into you when carried in a front pocket. The front-facing side (i.e., the side on which the other items will also sit) has a thumb cutout for ease of sliding out the cards.

On top of the main sleeve would be sewn pockets for the other two items: a Fisher Bullet or other pen of up to 4″ length (the long side of an ID card is 3 and 5/8″, a bullet pen is 3.75″, the pen in my photo is 4″ – I don’t think you would want the card sleeve to be taller than 3.5″, else even with the thumb cutout it would be difficult to extract the card) and a tube of lip balm.

6. Robert Yeager – What I would love to see would be something about 11 CM wide and 6 cm tall, with 3 seperate pouches on the front each about 3.5 cm wide, with a longer pocket on the back to accomodate credit or business cards. This would accomodate a small pen, light (maratec AAA) and small knife like a spyderco Dragonfly. Since these are things you would carry around on a day to day basis, it would be nice to have them bundled together and not getting scratched loose in your pocket. I believe this could be done with 3 pieces of leather, the middle one of which would be a bit stiffer than the other 2. If it is offered as a kit, prepunched holes and instructions on burnishing would be great. A layer of felt-like material pre-glued to the internal parts would be fantastic.
7. Steve Cecil –  I would love to have something that would carry my small box cutter knife, a fisher space pen and a flash drive. These are always in my pocket being an IT person. Also maybe a tag on the side that could have an S-Biner attached to hold a small flashlight

8. Matt Murphy – My normal carry is a few cards, USB drive, Lip Balm, and a Challenge Coin.  Also looking at my keys I would think a small slot for a car key for a clip style pocket knife.


9. Larry G  (First Place Winner) – My PCS would be a utilitarian type PCS. On the front I would have a slot for a pen knife (a Classic SD model) and a mini ink pen (I have a n older Retro 51 Tornado w/stylus I still use daily) on the back side I would have a slot for two or 3 pieces of ID and a spring clip to act as a belt clip, a inside the pocket clip or a money clip. the over all the width could be slightly smaller then the credit cart and length would be slightly larger. I am emailing a drawing of my design to you so it can be posted if anyone is interested.


Here is the PCS that Dave created from Larry’s idea:

dragon1 dragon2 dragon3

10. Jason Estes – The first is an overview of the Eclipse mint tin and a number of the items that either fit into it (to the right of the ruler) or are approximately the same length without fitting into it (to the left of the ruler). On the left is a standard ID card, a Leatherman Style CS, the Eclipse tin, a Sharpie Mini, and a Zebralight headlamp. On the right is a packet of Sugru, a Leatherman Micra, Burts Bees, and a pocket tweezer. The tins are readily available, which would make for a nice standardized kit. Another tin option is the Jones Soda Candy tin, which has slightly different proportions. I prefer these tins to the Altoids type because you can open the end and therefore you could leave them in the sleeve.

The other two pictures show some ideas for how the tin could be wrapped. I’m not a leatherworker, so this was guesswork on my part. One thing I thought would be nice would be to let flat items in the side pocket lie close to the side of the tin to keep the overall width of the package down. Again, that may not work from a construction standpoint.

jason 1 jason 2 e1352664424370 jason 3 e1352664381937


Here is the PCS that Dave created from Jason’s idea:

2013_02_27_15_16_58_ProShot 2013_02_27_15_17_25_ProShot 2013_02_27_15_17_43_ProShot

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  2. Congratulations to the winners! Good stuff all of it. I’ll be contacting the winners over the next couple of days to get things moving. Thanks to everyone, especially Julie!

    Dave Hauser, Dragonthorn Leatherworks

  3. I’ll be adding pictures of the PCSs that Dave creates from the winner’s ideas. First up is Larry G’s first place winning design. Check out the pictures above.

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