Kidde 10-yr Smoke Alarms won’t bug you with annoying low battery chirps

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Have you ever had the joyful task of trying to figure out which of the smoke alarms in your home is chirping due to a low battery? The chirps happen infrequently, so unless you have a small house with only a couple detectors, it’s tough to figure out which one it’s coming from. My house is medium size (less than 2000 sq ft), but we have at least 6 smoke alarms scattered throughout the house. Jeanne is usually the one who decides when it’s time to replace all the batteries.  We then drag a step stool around the house making the swaps. Many years ago I was changing a smoke alarm battery and stepped off the bed and severely sprained my ankle. If you would like a more convenient way to protect your home from fire, you might want to consider the new 10-year Worry-Free Smoke Alarms from Kidde. They have a sealed lithium battery that will last for 10 years. When the 10 years are up, you just swap out the whole unit… which apparently you’re supposed to do every 10 yrs anyway. The alarm will automatically activate when it is attached to the mounting bracket; there are no pull tabs and no switches to fiddle with. They are currently priced at $21.99 each.

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  2. O-Qua Tangin Wann

    Check out all the bad reviews for this Kidde i9010 smoke detector over at Amazon. After you read all the negative reviews, I doubt you will want to buy it.

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