PQI Air WiFi memory card – bring your own memory

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If you follow our ramblings, you’ll know that Julie and I both love our Eye-Fi cards (see Related Items below). The biggest issue is that they only come in set memory sizes (not a big issue because of the continuous memory function).  The PQI Air gives you the WiFi functionality to be able to browse images from your camera or save them to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet using their app. Rather than being constrained by set memory sizes like the Eye-Fi you can swap and replace with your own Micro-SD memory. Useful if you still want to keep memory card backups of your shots as well for peace of mind or want to keep a faster card say for video recording.

There’s no listing on the site of what file formats are actually supported for transfer however, either for still or video. One would assume it covers JPGs and MP4s but RAW support is unknown. Indications are it will cost around $50 for the adapter without memory based on the Japanese pricing.

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  2. One thing jumps out at me – I went to their site, and checked out the FAQ. First question is ‘Can I change the IP address?’. The answer is ‘No, the default address cannot be changed.’

    That’s the same non-changeable default as most home routers/wifi adapters, cable boxes, etc. _Not_ a good choice.

    1. @Dstaal-It kinda makes some sense to me as the card is supposed to be used out and about where you’re not going to get clashes with local devices on your LAN. If you look at the screen shots from the app from the app store, the card becomes a wireless hot spot. Definitely won’t play nicely at home with your LAN though from the limited info I can see..
      In addition, the apps shows support for: Image: .jpg, .png, bmp, .gif Audio: .mp3, .mp4, .3gp, .wav, .ogg, .imy, .aif Video: .mp4, .3gp so slightly more flexible than the Eye-Fi as you can stream audio, though streaming audio isn’t shown anywhere on the website.

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