Eastpak Sofa – When a Backpack Mates with a Sofa

Always losing your remote controls?  Sat on the couch and remembered you left your tablet on the dining table?  Well with the Eastpak Sofa you’ll have a pocket for everything.  Made from polyurethane  foam and cordura, the couch has multiple pockets to store all your couch potato gear.  Measuring 27.2″ H X 55.9″ W X 36.6″ D with a seating area of 14.6″ H X 36.2″ W X 23.6″ D and available in black and red, the Eastpak Sofa will set you back 1639.00 € at Singulier (only available for metropolitan France)  or $3515 at YLiving in the US.

Now which pocket did I put my phone in ?

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  • digi_owl October 6, 2012, 9:53 am

    Love the idea, fear the lack of comfort.

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