BoxWave Announces the Keyboard Buddy for iPhone 5

boxwave keyboard buddy iphone 5A couple of years ago, BoxWave introduced an iPhone 4 cover with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Now they are announcing the Keyboard Buddy for iPhone 5.  This keyboard slides behind your phone until you need it.  An integrated battery powers the Bluetooth keyboard for up to 2 weeks, and a power switch can turn the keyboard off when you don’t need it to maximize battery time.  All ports and controls on the iPhone 5 are accessible while the case is on.  BoxWave says the following improvements have been made to the Keyboard Buddy for iPhone 5:  backlit keyboard; five rows of raised keys to make typing faster and more accurate than ever; improved button layout for a more intuitive typing experience; and a larger cutout for the Apple iPhone 5’s camera and flash.  You can pre-order now at the web special price of $89.95 ($10 savings).  Shipping begins October 26, 2012.

5 thoughts on “BoxWave Announces the Keyboard Buddy for iPhone 5”

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  2. Nice find. I own a Samsung Epic 4G (Android) and thought I would use my QWERTY because of my Palm days. One thing I learned is that I don’t like landscape keyboards unless they are large enough to touch type. I also own a iPodTouch and it works with my Ultra-Slim iGo/Stowaway/ThinkOutside (so many names) Bluetooth keyboard (still have it).

    I just ordered the iPhone 5 (after a couple of years of Android tweeking leaving me dissatisfied…I realized that I need something that works predictably and will receive optimized updates for 2+ years rather than something flexible but somewhat laggy) and I am looking forward to touch typing again with my folding BT keyboard, but this BoxWave Keyboard Buddy is great in case I want the best of both worlds (always have it slide out keyboard and iPhone with all my music).

    Still deciding how I will use my Epic 4G which will basically be a WiFi extra around here.

  3. Such a hardware keyboard is just what I am looking for regarding the iPhone 5. I hope it is BOTH sliding out AND TILTING, so that a good angle can be obtained between the screen and the keyboard? Do you know if that is the case? And do you know whether such a keyboard also will be manufactured for the iPhone 5 (not just the 4)?

    Kind regards from

    Morten Andersen

  4. @Morten Anderson This post is about the BoxWave keyboard case for the iPhone 5. It will be available at the end of October.

  5. That’s great. But I surely hope that it also will have a TILTING mechanism, and not just being a “slider”, because the angle that a tiltable unit makes, is really preferable. Do you think that this can be done with this new model? Or made as an alternative other model? I know of many users who will be very happy about such a solution, because we need it and want it very much!

    Warm regards from

    Morten Andersen

  6. @Morten Anderson The Gadgeteer has nothing to do with the design of this product. We are a review and news site. These are questions you’ll need to bring up with BoxWave.

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