Kanex Lets You Travel with Your Own Private WiFi Network

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Have you ever checked in to a hotel that promises WiFi,  only to find that you have a room with weak, useless WiFi service?  There’s only one Ethernet cable in there, but you have several device you want to connect?  If you had the mySpot from Kanex, you could create your own password-protected personal network for your gadgets.  The mySpot is USB-powered; just plug in the USB, connect the Ethernet cable, and set up your private network  in seconds.  You can pre-order now for $59.95.  Shipping is expected on 9/28.  See the technical specifications, after the jump.

Technical Specifications:
IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.3,
IEEE802.3u, IEEE802.3x, CSMA/CA, CSMA/CD,
USB:A-Type plug
LAN:Ethernet RJ45 slot x 1 (Auto MDI/MDIX)
Transmission rate:11g: 6/7/12/18/24/36/48/54Mbps
11b: 1/2/5.5/11Mbps
Anti-Radio-Interference:DS-SS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)
Data Modulation:IEEE802.11g: OFDM
Medium Access
Control Protocol:CSMA/CA with ACK
Wireless Security:64/128/152-WEP
Wireless Transmission Gain:20dBm (Max)
Antenna Type:1 PIFA antenna
Network Medium
LED indicator
Status LED indicator:LAN Link/Act status & system status LED indicator
Power LED indicator:PWR (Power LED indicator)

9 thoughts on “Kanex Lets You Travel with Your Own Private WiFi Network”

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  2. Interesting idea. I’ve come across some hotels where wired is free, wireless is charged for, this would pay for itself in those cases. It’s got me wondering what other mini access points are out there that would be handy for travelers.

  3. USB-powered and the small form factor are nice. Wish it had WPA/WPA2 security though. I try to travel light and have been using an Airport Express and used to use a Linksys travel router in the past, both larger and usually require their own AC socket adapter in foreign countries. Leaving the laptop at home and only traveling with a tablet and smartphone, this product would work with one small multi-USB-port AC adapter. $60 price is a bit high, especially since an Airport Express at $99 has so much more functionality, including extending your WiFi network coverage while not traveling.

  4. I had the dlink version of this for years in my laptop case until some (CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED HAT CENSORED SCUMBAG CENSORED {EXPLETIVE OVERFLOW} CENSORED GOLF CLUB) stole everything out of my truck. I used it a TON. I often used mine because the public WIFI is not encrypted, and easily sniffed. I can Encrypt MY traffic, and although Encrypted WiFi is not perfect it provides a degree of security. I might look into this as a replacement.

    The Dlink units do however function as three devices, where this only one. This turns an Ethernet into WiFi. The dlink will also do that PLUS the reverse, turn a WiFi into a hardwired (bridge) Ethernet connection. It will also act as a NAT firewall. But in all honestly, I only used those functions 2-3 times in 5-6 years. If this unit can be found much cheaper then the Dlink, I might get one.


  5. I’ve been using a deck of cards sized EnGenius travel router for a year now.

    Travel routers are a great purchase for the traveler, but many companies make them; no need to wait a month to buy one.

  6. Hmmm. I notice this unit only mentions. WEP security, not WPA. My phone can crack wep in under 4 minutes. I hope that this is just an incomplete description.

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