Round Up Sheldon and Raj for a Game of Three Man Chess

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3 man chess gameIf you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory like I am, you may remember when Sheldon was trying to create a 3-person chess game.  I’m betting this one doesn’t have all the whimsical pieces and rules that Sheldon’s game has (popes with jet packs, catapulting gorillas, and beekeepers), but it certainly takes up less room in your living room.  This 3 Man Chess game has three sets of pieces (black, ivory, gray); each player has 16 solid plastic pieces.  Rules are similar to normal chess; the “only changes from conventional chess are some protocol issues that must be followed to maintain order where the teams border each other, which is simple and necessary. The complexities of the third player are infinite. Your threatened piece may be allowed to maintain occupancy as your position is beneficial to the threatening player. But how long can it last? This scenario may exist all over the board. There are multiple trust and doubt situations among all players.”  The game is available at Amazon for $49.95.

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