HSN has a Special Discount on Beats Studio HD Headphones Today (8/17) and We’re also Giving a Pair Away!

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Do you think your headphones or earbuds make your favorite music sound the way the artist intended it to sound? Probably not. In 2006, Dr. Dre, legendary rap artist and producer, and Jimmy Lovine, Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records and American Idol mentor established Beats Audio to create studio-quality sound for artists, audiophiles and everyday listeners like you and I. Beats headphones and speakers have been engineered with an advanced speaker design and powered amplification that are able to reproduce the full spectrum of sound so that you’re able to hear your music with the same sonic quality heard in professional recording studios.

HSN sent me a pair of Beats Studio HD Headphones to try. I was impressed with these phones from the minute I opened the zippered case. First of all, the headphones fold up to make them more compact and easier to fit in your gear bag. They also look cool and are available in several colors. Next up, the adjustable headband and the ear pads have a lot of cushion which make the headphones comfortable to wear for hours. Style and comfort are great, but how do they sound? I’m happy to report that they sound excellent. I especially enjoyed using them to listen to a few podcasts and some of my favorite smooth jazz. They live up to their “Beats” name due to their thumpy bass.

Want to try a pair for yourself? There are two ways to do this.  You can buy a pair by taking advantage of HSN Today’s Special – only available on 8/17 special discount on the Beats Studio HD headphones which includes an exclusive offer not available anywhere else. In addition to the discount, they’ll also SHIP FOR FREE at HSN.  Low on cash? No worries, you can also use HSN’s FlexPay system, which allows you to pay for them in installments with no additional charges. $60 will get these headphones on your noggin ASAP. Shop all Beats products available on HSN.

HSN has graciously offered The Gadgeteer a pair of Beats Studio HD Headphones for one of our readers. For a chance to win, simply follow the contest rules.


1 pair of Beats Studio HD Headphones (approximate value $300)

To enter:

Between now and Midnight EST 08/31/2012, follow @HSN on Twitter and then leave a comment on this blog post stating why you want a pair of Beats Studio HD headphones

At some point on 09/4/2012, IZEA will pick a winner. The winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs to accept their prize. If the winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours, another drawing will select a new winner.

Be sure to read the official rules.

Special thanks to IZEA and HSN for sponsoring this contest.

UPDATE: The winner is 


Comment #132

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154 thoughts on “HSN has a Special Discount on Beats Studio HD Headphones Today (8/17) and We’re also Giving a Pair Away!”

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  2. I’m a complete audiophile but can’t afford the high end products like Beats, so this would be a perfect solution!

  3. How my day began yesterday: my car accident-numbed leg left me tumbling in the hall en route to the bathroom, knocking me into my desk, and bouncing my headphones to the floor, directly in my path. I tripped into the headphones cord, ripping the wires out at both the connector and headphone ends. Adios, headphones!

    Bonus points for style and difficulty (like in Olympic diving) that same night: me panicking that I was suddenly going blind, only to realize that in my dog-tired state, I’d climbed into the shower with my eyeglasses on and they had become a Grade A fog machine.

    Now, having a fab pair of Beats Studio HD headphones won’t make me any less absent-minded or gimpy, but it would make me very happy to listen to music again without annoying my neighbors through our paper-thin walls. Of course, I would vow to never play awful music through them. Headphones of that quality deserve good tunes!

  4. Sometimes when life is so difficult and unfair, you feel like you cannot go on for another second, the only thing that gets you through is loud music deep in your brain. I can only imagine that listening to music through Dre’s headphones would turn your hell into heaven. I need the peace.

  5. I have heard so many good things about these and came across this post… What a treat it would be to win these and block out my annoying coworkers…

  6. I just purchased a cool Internet digital radio and the Beats Studio HD headphones would be the perfect compliment to enjoying my 80′s music all day long!

    -sorry for the duplicatation, I hit send twice.

  7. I have been looking to replace my in-ear buds for some good over the ear phones for a while, a good quality pair like these will be great. Also I would be a great advertisment for Beats Studio HD when I wear them on my many daily bus journeys.

  8. I work in the AV industry and I get to sample various products at major tradeshows. The Beats Studio HD Headphones are some of the best sounding, most comfortable I have ever tried.

  9. After my 3rd Alien abduction I realized that I needed some better form of entertainment while traveling through hyperspace. I tried listening to Pandora on my phone but kept getting “no signal” So I started saving mp3’s to play when I was 400 light years out of Sprints service area. (Trust me, you only make the mistake of getting billed roaming fees 400 light years away once). I tried ear buds but unfortunately they did not drown out the throbbing of the ships “Quantum” drive. Tho for the first 3 hours I thought my phone was only able to play skrillex, and then realized that it was the ship itself. The other added benefit of these is they completely cover my ears, maybe the aliens won’t be able to probe me there anymore.

  10. I just bought an external sound card for my laptop and now I need a pair of good headphones to take full advantage of my new product. (@Gregg_X)

  11. I was wanting to purchase some headphones recently, but I had to buy my cross country spikes for the upcoming season. Being a student, I don’t have the funds to buy luxury items such as these. Winning would be a great blessing, especially since we will be going on bus rides for the upcoming cross country/track season. Thank you for holding the contest!!

  12. I’m a sophomore in high school and I’m into tech and gadgets. I just bought an iPad and I love it. These headphones are great and I would love to win them. Thank you…..

  13. I want, scratch that; NEED these headphones because what’s left of my twenty-year-old entry-level AKG’s leave chunks of foam in my hair. I’ve dreamt of that unzipping sensation you described. 🙂

  14. I’ve always been interested in sound. I got into music when I was a kid, growing up watching DJs mix it up. As the years went by, I was able to earn my own system, many types of speakers, finding great and extraordinary music. Although with my passion for music, it didnt seem like the right time to invest into portable Pro Audio equipment, so it was just plain old white ipod buds or basic sony monitor heads.

    I have been studying about ‘Beats’ headphones and the advancements in technology to bring pro audio to the mobile market. With this opportunity, I would love to try them so I can bring my music, and the quality, with me everywhere I go.

    Thank you

  15. I am not able to work.My wife works nights at a nursing home to support us,so she sleeps during the day.I have to spend most of my time in bed and I watch a lot of TV.Our TV audio is plugged into the stereo and I have to ware

  16. I would love to have a new pair of Beats so that I could listen to music and release some stress. Also, I would love to have them to workout with! Winning these would be amazing!!!

  17. I really hope to win these headphones because mine are half broken and I have to use my sister’s in-ears, which are kinda suck.
    I seriously love music, I try to listen to it as much as I can, and I want to enjoy music in the best quality there is, that’s why most of my songs are 320kbps and that’s why I’m trying to win the headphones.
    I’d buy the headphones by myself but it’s just too expensive for me.
    I really hope you will choose me, it means a lot!

  18. Ever since a friend of mine bought a pair of the Beats Studio headphones, I feel in love with Beats. I finally got my own pair, the more simple and less expensive iBeats, but I was in the love. I’m sad now, however, that my iBeats broke, thanks to my wonderful American short-hair cat. I’m so upset; I loved my iBeats so much. When I found out about HSN’s special one-day offer on the Beats Studio headphones, I quickly went straight to their website, ready to buy them. Then I saw this wonder post and learned that I could have a chance of winning them! I’m so excited for this giveaway and I really hope I win! Even if I don’t win, I’m still ready for HSN’s special offer! I cannot live any longer without a pair of Beats!

  19. Because I should take care of ears and love them.
    Because if I don’t, who would.
    Beats take care of me. So that’s cool.

  20. I’ve been looking at the Bose Quiet Comfort headphones but from what I read, these are just as good and are much more stylish.

  21. I would love to have some Beats Studio HD Headphones so I could finally tell my wife that there is something better out there than Bo*e.

  22. I am the epitome of a music lover and I spend my entire day working online. My current headphones broke a month or 2 ago and are held together by scotch tape. lolz. The metal sticking out of them digs into the side of my head. I plan on getting new headphones but wanted to wait until I could afford a pair of beats. Unfortunately, beats haven’t made the budget for sometime. Please help rid me of this noise cancelling headache and deliver me high quality sounding tuneage.

  23. I have some 20-year old Sony noise-cancelling headphones and can’t afford to update. The Beats are the state of the art and it would be great to own a pair. Thanks.

  24. I’d love to win a pair for my daughter. She wears cochlear implants, and can’t wear the ear bud style headphones. These would be perfect for her to listen to her iPod with. And as a bonus, I won’t have to keep hearing the teen-girl style music!

  25. I would love to win beats as i have many times bought cheap and expensive headphones but after a few months they all break. If i won beats i wont have to spend money on buying lots of bad quality headphones 🙂

  26. I want a pair of beat headphone because I run alot and the sound that illuminates of these headphones are unbelievable…The sound is so grand it keeps me in the mood to just keep running!

  27. I’m already thinking of Christmas and with the tight budget I’m on things are going to be tough but if I win the Beats Studio HD Headphones I’ll be relieved to know I have a very impressive gift to put under the tree for my son and that would be an awesome relief.

  28. follow on twitter @mellanhead and I would love to win! I have heard such great things about beats. I have beats audio on my laptop and the sound is amazing. A pair of headphones would be great to use on the go

  29. My day job is as a freelance sports reporter & that means editing a lot of video. When not on the job, music is my escape. These Beats would be perfect for a little work-life integration.

  30. I absolutely love music, I listen to it 24/7. I’ve tested Beats out at stores and I LOVE them. They’re such great quality. Sadly, they’re out of my price range. ): Winning them would be great! 🙂

  31. Beats by Dr. Dre has given listeners the opportunity to feel what they feel and hear what they hear and in the process inspiring them so much to want to make music. I want a pair of this evolutionary headset because the magnitude Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡f its necessity increases by the minute both for producers and artistes and the listeners in general.
    I’m an aspiring producer and winning the beat headset would change the way I hear sound and also inspire me just as it has inspired many others to produce quality instrumentals without flaws.

  32. Honestly I will never be able to afford these for my son. He’s been dying to have these headphones. He’s the only guy on his team who doesn’t have a pair. Being a single mom I have so much responsibilities. Winning these would make him happy since he travels with his team a lot. He loves hip hop.

  33. I would love to win beats to drown out the whimpering and barking of my bulldog puppy learning to stay in his crate!!

  34. Unfortunately all I currently have is those cheap little earbuds that are so uncomfortable that I can not tolerate them for long and not to mention the not so great sound quality… I’d love to experience sound the way it was meant to be heard with precision & comfort!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. followed on twitter : autismmamma84
    I want to win a pair so i can finally have a good pair of headphones to listen to music with … mine have seen better days i think !

  36. I would love these I’ve heard soo many great things about them and also I would love to transition from the ear buds I’m currently using which are uncomfortable and they don’t have a very good sound quality @angelgenius27

  37. I love to listen music very much and my current pair of headphones are in bad condition so i can use new and amazing headphones for myself… 🙂

  38. My son wants a pair of these really bad if I could win him a pair I would be the coolest Mom on the planet! 🙂

  39. I would love a new pair of headphones because I only have earphones and none of them seem to work that great. 🙁

  40. Beats… Headphones… that is what I would love to own! Plus to win them would be even better! This girl, yeah she would love some! 😀

  41. Why I want a Beats HD studio headphone the sound is great saw some proffessional artist use them to fully listen to good music clears background noise to bring quality sound. that’s headphones I trust not like anything I have heard no camparisons. I cannot afford one because I’m in a budget. But love to own one tested one at the best buy store felt really good in the ears I would be surprised to actually recieve my first Beats headphone. Because the tastemakers have made this headphone very popular around the country. I see people wearing one everywhere why not be one of them there have been sites offering free Beats headphones but none have been luck only this site is my chance to win! 🙂

  42. I agree with what Bono wrote about the intimacy music creates in your life. He listened to Dylan on his headphones in the 70’s and heard prayers more than songs. When I think of my trip to Chicago I hear Kate Nash, Portland was Gotye, painting class was Local Natives. It inspires and uplifts me and there’s nothing better than a great pair of headphones! My current pair look like air-traffic control safety muffs but they’re comfy and sound pretty great… I just get weird looks when I fly.

  43. I love music! I dont have enough money to afford a pair of beats, and my parents think its a waste. I listen to music all the time. on the way to sporting events, in the car, at home, basically all the time. I would love a pair of beats

  44. Being a music lover I love that the Beats headphones are comfortable enough to wear for hours and that their sound quality is top shelf!

  45. Follow HSN as @LuckyKrys.
    I would love to win these headphones as my old so-so headphones seem to be on their way out.

  46. I’d love to win a pair of beats studio headphones so I can have great headphones to use while I work out!

    following as @luvx14

  47. I would like a pair because I would like to have the option to express and stand out sometimes as opposed to the current earbuds only style.

    followed HSN – @Wii_PS3_Deals

  48. I listen to music constantly, in the car, at the gym, in the office… I style myself (and others) from head to toe and would love to add some style to my headphones too!

  49. I’d love to win these for my son who is starting college as a computer gaming student. He really needs them, but, tuition, books etc. comes first. Thanks!

  50. Good afternoon,

    I would like to enter this contest to win these headphones in order to donate it to a deserving middle-school musician who lives in a low income community in NJ. These headphones will allow him to understand that good things will come to good people and will motivate him to continue his passion for music. Thank you.

  51. I would love to win these because I’ve wanted a pair for ages. I care for my father, which I don’t receive any payment for (we also don’t qualify for any benefits). So I’m not going to be able to buy any for a long time.

  52. I tried every kinds/types & brands of headsets out there and mine’s still really whacked so I’m looking forward to beats because I heard nothing but good things about this product! ^_^

  53. I need these headphones because I love listening to music, and I’m tired of buying the headphones that costs $1. They do not last long at all. If I win these I will treat it with care. So pick me I never win stuff.

  54. im still using the lame Apple earbuds (which sound like crap) and my music desperately needs some bass. otherwise i might go through life thinking everything has as much bass as AM radio.

  55. I would love a pair, so that I can listen to music and hear people more clearly on Skype in Haiti as I work on my non-profit project to help human trafficking victims recover in Haitian tent camps and orphanages.

  56. i would love a pair to tune out the outside noise and listen to some amazing beats with amazing acoustics while i try and get some work done.

  57. I would want to win these headphones because I take the bus everyday. There is only a couple busses where i live and usually run every hour. So If I miss one Im just sitting there holding my phone to my ear playing music. These will help me kill time and listen to my music better. thanks! And I do follow hsn on twitter!

  58. I want a pair of Beats Studio HD headphones so that I can hear and be able to enjoy the thumpy bass you mentioned above on my favorite type of music – HOUSE! Also because the ones that come with the ipod hurt my ears a lot and am in pain.

  59. I would love to win a pair because the pair that I have now have a rattle and it is very annoying to me. I think it is great that they fold up, which makes it so easy to take with me.


  60. Okay. I don’t have a stellar standout reason for wanting to win these except that I’m sick and tired of hearing about them! WHAT is all the fuss?? Are they really ALL that and a bag of chips too?? I’m admittedly intrigued by all the hype…..that and my current headphones are the ones they give you when you fly Virgin Airlines.

    Vanessa G

  61. My headphones are the cheap off brand and they are terrible.I was actually thinking about getting a pair,when i got the money.

  62. THANK YOU SO SO SOO very much for this AMAZING giveaway:)!!!!You are so awesome I have been needing a new good pair of headphones since forever and these are the best my dream headphones I am a music addict I LOVE music but I cannot afford good headphones being a student and all so I always buy really cheap ones that always break or lose sound quickly and constantly fing myself repurchasing new pairs these would last me FOREVER or near there at least:)THANK YOU:)!!!I followed all of the rules:) Twitter @emmybear411 THANK YOU:D!!!!!!!

  63. I recently had to trash my headphones. They were so old and the plastic had cracked. I could really use a pair of headphones to allow me to enjoy music without bothering anyone else.
    I am following HSN on twitter @minibea!

  64. So would want a pair of Beats Studio HD headphones to ear the beat and archive these yellow 80’s Sony headphones!

  65. i have been dealing with cheap, crappy headphones since as long as i can remember. something more important always manages to come up. but now that i am using my phone/ipod more to listen to music as i get out, i’m realizing that i want to drown out the sound of others causing a distraction. i’ve tried these out before and they’re amazing. i’m hoping my luck will pull thru and i’ll be sporting these before i know it!

  66. I’ve been using $20 headphones for about 6-7 years. I love music & I use headphones for a few hours a day. But I don’t think my headphones are delivering the best sound possible. I’ve gone into best buy & tested out Beats & they’re amazing. I’ve been wanting a pair for a long time now but I haven’t been able to buy them because they’re so expensive. Good sound quality makes music that much more enjoyable. I’d love to finally have Beats. Thank you! Twitter: @mariahmachnik

  67. I’d love to win a pair, because I’ve wanted to try them since they came out! Plus, my ear buds are constantly being snagged by children- and these are too large for them to hide in pockets!

  68. I could really use a great pair of earphones. I tried the beats at target and they sound amazing. I would love to own a pair.

  69. I would love these headphones. I gave a pair of Beats to my son-in-law for his birthday. They are amazing and with my intense love of music I would appreciate a pair for myself VERY much.

  70. I commute over 2 hours each day on the bus to and from work and the only thing that gets me through my trip is listening to music on my IPod. I’m a huge Dre fan since the early 90’s so half the time I’m listening to his music and what would be better than hearing Dre on Dre’s headphones! I don’t have the spare change to spend the money on the headphones myself right now so this would make my year! Thanks HSN and Gadgeteer for the chance!

  71. I need these headphones because I have started a new workout regimen to get healthy and to live a better life.. These headphones would help me to focus on my goal.. I’d really appreciate that type of drive in my workouts.

  72. The gadgets are endless but Beats are a true trooper for my lonely ears. I love bass! Perfect for my nightly walks! @mcjunkie

  73. I would love to win because my husband loves to listen to Dream Theater…I do not…for my sanity…please let me win!!

  74. Danielle @DeeMBee79

    I would LOVE these headphones because I travel a lot need good quality headphones to drown out the background noise in the airplane 🙂 The fact that they are compact is nice for travel too. Being comfortable to wear is a huge plus but most of all the sound quality is the most important factor to me. These headphones would enable music and podcasts to sound amazing! You can’t get that quality with just any headphones.

  75. I would love a pair of headphones because my earbuds go so worn out the bare wire shocks me where it touches my skin!!

  76. I follow @HSN on Twitter (@TamaraBenningto) I really wnat to win these Beats Studio HD headphones for my daughter who’s 16th birthday was yesterday 8/23. She’s so addicted to music and really wanted a pair for her birthday but with the cost of going back to school for two teenagers it was too impossible to but them for her. Would be a dream for her if I won!

  77. Totally need some new headphones for when I’m running… which is ALL THE TIME. My white earbuds just aren’t cutting it anymore and I think my right earbud is 60% broken. I totally need an upgrade.

    Followed on twitter. @PavementRunner

  78. I love music and definitely do not have the space to blast great music since I had my kids. I would love to win a pair of Beats Studio HD headphones so that I could enjoy every single moment of my favorite music during my ME time without waking up my sleeping babies

  79. Hi i would absoutely love to win beats by dre headphones it would be a dream come true to have these headphones ive tried so many headphones to see wich ones are loud with good quality and research show thats beats by dre are the best i wish i could by them myself but im to young to have a job and i dont get allowance and my parents sadly wont get me them. Everyday i look up diffrent contest to try to win beats by dre but i sadly fail i will try not to lose hope everytime though so if you would please let me have a pair of studio beats by dre headphone you would make me the luckiest girl in the world. 😀

  80. I would love to give these to my husband – he loves music and hasn’t had a good pair of headphones in forever. He deserves them!

  81. I really want to win these beats headphones because I love to remix music and pretend to be a dj sometimes. Chloe Lukasiak also has beats and she is like my idol and whatever she has I would love to have! I wish I and enough money to buy a pair and that’s why I want to win! 🙂

  82. I’m a singer-songwriter, musician and audio engineer. I would love a pair of Beats Studio HD Headphones to fine tune my mixing and mastering to levels most consistent with the legendary D-R-E!

  83. I want a pair of Beats because I need new headphones to replace the white Apple ones that came with my iPod Touch. I never had a chance to listen to music with better and higher quality like the Beats. Not only do I love music but by winning the beats I could connect better with music. However I can never afford these Beats because they cost WAY TOO MUCH. I really wish I have a pair and I really want to win one. Please surprise me and choose me!!!!

  84. I would love to win Beats By Dr Dre because i currently own a Beats Laptop and i’m amazed by its sound quality .I currently own poor quality earphones and i’d love to own some Beats but as a full time student / mon i dont have money at all .Whenever i do have money ,My daughter’s father steals it ! He recently stoled 300 dollars and i was going to spend it on new clothes for my 2 year old daughter .

    fingers & toes crossed

    p.s if by a wild dream i won ,my daughter's father wouldnt steal them because i got a safe and its hidden 🙂

  85. I need beat because I can’t hear the base in the music and it doesn’t sound like the artist intended it to and the sond ecose in my current earbuds and the music sounds muffled by the time it reaches my ear so pleas I need the studio hd beats

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