Introducing the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 (Sponsored Video)

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The new GALAXY Note 10.1 Android tablet from Samsung has some awesome looking features that are making me drool just a little. First of all, the S pen stylus is supposed to provide pen on paper usability for note taking, sketching and photo editing. The tablet comes with several apps that feature stylus input. Then there’s Multiscreen multitasking that allows you to open two apps side by side. A 1.4GHz Exynos Quad-Core Processor powers this tablet and a 7000mAh battery keeps it going. It will be available here in the US on 8/15. Who is buying one?

This video is sponsored by Samsung.

9 thoughts on “Introducing the Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 (Sponsored Video)”

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  2. Looks good. The active pen on my Thinkpad Tablet is what differentiates it from the rest of the market. Makes it useful for input as well as output.
    Pity the demo video is so CGIed, I’ll be looking forward to some real life demos.

  3. I got my Intl version on Monday and all I can say is WOW! I had a Thinkpad Tablet and Samsung Series 7 Slate and I got rid of both of them. The inking is much better than the Thinkpad and because it uses Wacom technology I could not tell the difference between my S7S and Galaxy Note 10.1. This will be a game changer. The SPen software is very robust and meets all of my inking needs. The stylus is small but you can use a full sized Wacom stylus from any Windows Wacom tablet.

    1. @Techgeek32 I’m interested in how the stylus works for drawing/sketching and for photo editing. When you’re drawing, does it detect pressure and make the lines thinner or thicker depending on how much you press?
      What about the multiscreen feature? That looks great too. Have you played with that yet?

  4. The stylus is excellent. It is Wacom, so very quiet and fluid. 256 levels of pressure sensitivity in the SPen. I am using one of my Wacom Styli from my S7S and it works perfectly. The eraser on top is not working and the toothpick stylus on the Note does not have an eraser on top, just a function button. The Note includes Adobe Photo Shop editing software and you can use Sketchbook Pro or any other inking app from the Play store. I have used several Windows tablets with Wacom, NTrig and capacitive Styli on the ipad. I have the HTC Flyer and Thinkpad Android tablet and this blows them away. The size and speed paired with the Samsung S suite of software really make this stand out. I was really skeptical about the SPen software but it is as nice as the highest end ipad apps in quality and UI. The integrated Adobe, Polaris Office (allows for annotating of Microsoft Office docs) is more robust than what HTC bundled with the Flyer. And Kno etextbooks are releasing an Android app soon that will allow for annotating, bookmarking and highlighting rwith the SPen software. I am a college student and am looking forward to that. You can take screen shots and annotate them and the Multiscreen feature is awesome! The palm recognition is excellent as well, even better than on my S7S. The only feature they left out of ICS was the “pen only” option that Lenovo added to the Thinkpad tablet. I think the palm rejection was so good that Samsung passed on adding it.

    Hope this helps. So far I can say that this is the most flexible and exciting gadget I have used in the last 10 years.

  5. No USA pricing yet. I would guess $500, 600, 700 depending on the storage capacity and will be more if 3g/4g.

  6. Oh if only the resolution were higher…An HD display and this would outdo every other Android tablet for a while…

  7. I agree. A 1920×1200 display would have been nice, but it is very clear when streaming videos and movies. It plays more smoothly than my Intel laptop running 4000 graphics chip. I imagine by next year there will be an HD version. The problem might be the compatibility with the Wacom active digitizer. I am still very happy with the current configuration of this tablet and how it works. I will definitely upgrade if they come out with an HD version. I will not be getting a Windows 8 tablet. I have been using it for the last several months and I hate the OS. I would much rather use Android. I can use this tablet for about 95% of what I would normally use my laptop for, so hopefully we will see the day that Android can be used in an enterprise environment.

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