MochiThings Poste Smartphone Wallet

We’ve shown you a few “go to lunch” wallets that can carry a phone, a couple of cards, and some cash that you can just grab and go without having to lug around a huge bag.  MochiThings has another of these wallets, called the Poste Smartphone Wallet.  It’s made of PU and suede with a snap closure.  Inside is a pocket large enough for a smartphone or MP3 player, a couple of card slots, and a front compartment that can hold more cards, cash, receipts, or even your earbuds.  The wallet has a wrist strap that helps you keep your wallet secure while leaving your hands free.  There’s even a cutout so you can charge your phone without removing it from the wallet.  The Poste is available in brown, cobalt blue, coral pink, gray, and hot pink.  The Poste Wallet is normally $39.95, but it’s available now for $29.96, a 25% discount.

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  • Bob DeLoyd July 25, 2012, 10:24 pm

    This reminds me of those coin pouches we school kids carried our lunch money in back in the 50s…

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