GoSmart Announces New Precise Capacitive Styluses for Your Favorite Touch Screen Device

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There are 100’s, if not 1000’s of different capacitive styluses on the market, but they all seem to fall into 3 categories. There are rubber tipped styluses like the Targus Stylus. Paint brush styluses like the Nomad Stylus and then there are disc tipped styluses like the Adonit. GoSmart‘s new 200 and 300 Series Styluses fall into the last category. The 300 series stylus features a rocket ship shape with a finned cap that doubles as a stand when the stylus isn’t being used. The 200 series stylus also features a cap, but it has a traditional straight pen shape. Both styluses have a disc tip that is made of teflon coated wire designed to resemble cross hairs. I personally prefer this style tip and am really looking forward to trying them. The GoSmart Stylus 300 Series and 200 Series will be available August 8, 2012, priced at $24.95 each, available for pre-order now at the GoSmart site at: http://justgosmart.com/store/ or through Amazon.com.

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