Coleman’s CPX™ 6 Portable Electronics Charger

coleman cpx 6 chargerFor those who can’t have too many comforts while camping, Coleman offers the CPX 6 Portable Electonics Charger.  Keep your phone, MP3 player, and other USB-chargeable devices powered with this charger.  It uses either 4 D-cell batteries or one of Coleman’s CPX 6 rechargeable battery packs – neither are included.  (The CPX 6 battery pack is interchangeable with other Coleman products; you can share one battery pack with several accessories to lighten your load.)  Coleman says the charging cycle varies with what you are charging, but you can expect about 20 charges of a fully-depleted cell phone battery when the CPX 6 charger is powered with 4 D-cells.  The CPX 6 Portable Electronics Charger is $29.99.

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