Control Household Devices from Anywhere with Belkin’s WeMo Switch and an iOS App

Belkin is announcing the launch of a new line of WiFi switches that, when paired with an iOS app for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, allow you to control household devices from anywhere.  The WeMo Switch (left) allows you to turn on/off any connected lamp or appliance over WiFi or mobile Internet.  The app will also let you program an on/off schedule for the connected appliance.  The WeMo Switch + Motion (right) adds a motion detector that will turn on the appliance when motion is detected within 10 feet of the sensor;  all the features of the WeMo Switch are included, too.  Pre-orders are being taken now at Amazon and Belkin; other stores will be added soon.  The Switch will be $49.99 and the Switch + Motion is $99.99.  The free WeMo app is available now.  Read the press release here.

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