Slim Timber Wallet – Get some wood in your pants

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From Slim Timber the Wood Wallet is hand crafted from a single piece of maple or walnut.  It’s large enough to fit up to eight credit cards and a simple leather strap uses a magnetic clip to ensure your cards don’t fall out.

Made in the USA the wallet goes for $45.

25 thoughts on “Slim Timber Wallet – Get some wood in your pants”

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  2. Suspect you’d have to use as a front pocket wallet but even that might be a bit uncomfortable, perhaps just a jacket pocket. :p

  3. Yes, these are lovely to look at, but why would a guy want a hard chunk like these in his pants pocket? Gadgeteer needs to focus on useful gadgets, not designer doodles…

  4. C’mon jpdanzig. Gadgeteer’s of all people know that one person’s doodle is another person’s must have “precious”. Agreed that I cannot see myself buying one (and oh please family don’t buy me one for Fathers Day instead of that Retina Macbook), but it is totally geeky and gadgetty and potentially useful and certainly an talking point. Isn’t that why we love The Gadgeteer? Some useful, some eye-openers, some talking points, some savings. Love it.

  5. Richard, in the best of all possible worlds, where Gadgeteer could cover more than a handful of items a day, I’d say, sure bring on the doodles. That not being the case, I’d rather the blog focused on functional, not frivolous, stuff.

  6. jpdanzig: Very valid comment. I can see your point. Personally In like some of the froth that The Gadgeteer serves up – sort of like whipped cream on top of a cup of hot chocolate.

    Ian: what were your thoughts when you posted the article – just out of interest? I thought it was a fun article and got me commenting: “wow, people make the craziest things. Won’t make them a million, but aren’t humans ingenious.”

    Anyone: Likely to purchase one?

  7. @Richard – When I first came across the article I spend about 24 hours researching it to see if it was appropriate to post on The Gadgeteer. I ticked it off against my criteria for valid articles and because it was:
    1. Made of a sustainable and recycle product
    2. Looked good
    3. Was made in the USA
    Decided to post the article. Rewrote it about 100 times……….

    Nah, not really, just came across it in my newsfeeds, thought it was neat, and put a quick post up. 🙂

    I had this conversation with Julie a while ago, you can put up a news/review item about the most technological advance in the world and nobody comments, yet you can put up an item like this one and you get comments. I do know that lot’s of Gadgeteers (myself included) love their wallets.

    I note that Julie posted about a Titanium toothpick this morning. Does it interest me? Not in the least. Is it a useful gadget or a “doodle”? That’s up to you. It’s hard looking for interesting news items to put up every day and sometimes these sort of items just break up the day. Since this is Julie’s website, she has final say as to what’s appropriate or not and I’m sure if she didn’t feel this fitted the “feel” of The Gadgeteer she wouldn’t have posted it.

    I do think it’s a neat, good looking wallet, but is it practical and would I buy one? Nope. But who knows, there might be someone out there that does. 🙂

    Sorry they can’t all be “gems” :p

    @Andrew – another reason I posted so that I could use that pun 🙂

  8. Hi, Ian, I guess I would also question whether this wallet is a gadget or an accessory. You’re right — it is certainly a conversation item!

    According to the American Heritage Dictionary a gadget is “A small specialized mechanical or electronic device; a contrivance.”

    The second definition in the Collins English Dictionary would describe this wallet:

    1. a small mechanical device or appliance
    2. any object that is interesting for its ingenuity or novelty rather than for its practical use

    But still most definitions I find seem to include some notion of a mechanism at work, and I’m not sure that the fold of a wallet (or a strap with a magnetic clip) qualify.

    I’m not suggesting that everything Gadgeteer covers has to provide a clear benefit — I myself love useless gizmos like the 64-led cube that lights up in fascinating patterns for half an hour.

    But at least that offers a benefit without an equal or greater deficiency — in this case, a hard lump in one’s pocket.

    And to answer the guy who questioned the header on this article — you can enjoy THAT benefit from Viagra (and we have all heard warnings of the possible side-effects)! ;<}

  9. jpdanzig I suppose Viagra could be considered a gadget though I’m sure that’s open to interpretation as to whether it’s “interesting for its ingenuity or novelty rather than for its practical use” 🙂

    1. 😉 Ian is right. Even the lamest products can spark conversations like this one. While I wouldn’t want a wooden wallet either, I bet more than one person buys one based on this news item…

      We pride ourselves on providing a nice mix of useful, funny and completely useLESS news and reviews. UseLESS isn’t a bad thing when it gets people talking and offering better alternatives that turn out being useFUL.

  10. Ian: I thought the article was great for many of the reasons that you and others mentioned. I was just interested as to why you thought it was worthy of an article. For myself personnally it is article like these that makes The Gadgeteer one of only two tech blogs that I frequent daily (Engadget is the other one). I have purchased a number of items based on articles posted on The Gadgeteer and commented on by Gadgeteers: Sony eReader, Kindle eReader, Livescribe Pen, iPod. Those articles are super useful. Then there is the outlandish and plain old “wow! really” items.

    So keep ’em rolling, Julie, Ian and crew. But please, oh please, gadget gods bless me with the retina MacBook Pro and not the wooden wallet!

  11. Richard, thanks for the reco on Engadget; that site looks as if it offers a better gadgets: accessories ratio than Gadgeteer for my taste… I am also enjoying Gizmodo more these days…

  12. Andrew, you won’t have to fear my rebukes any more. I have given up on the Gadgeteer. No, I don’t consider skin care products gadgets.

  13. @jpdanzig
    I used to go to Gizmodo and Lifehacker until my username and password were stolen by a bunch of nefarious weasels and put up on Pirate Bay for all to see:
    I spent several days changing passwords to Gmail, Yahoo, and many more websites who wouldn’t let me log on to their sites because my name was on the list.
    Here at Gadgeteer we don’t have to ‘sign in’ to post and is small enough where we get to know the the writers (Janet an I have a good humorous back and forth here and there) and the commenters.

    I think the ‘Title’ says it all about Ian’s intent for posting this wooden wallet- hell, I didn’t even read the contents, I just replied to the title of it knowing I wasn’t interested in such. I thought it was all in good fun.

    Myself, I’d like to see more on astronomy, rockets (SpaceX), camera reviews, survival gear, computer stuff, stuff I didn’t know existed, and less iPad covers, but that’s just me… Oh and the occasional “Slim Timber Wallet – Get some wood in your pants” 🙂

  14. I purchased this wallet for my husband for our anniversary- it is lovely- however it demagnetized 3 of our cards, costing us money to have them replaced and leaving the wallet useless.

  15. Have to agree with nbennett, a wallet with a magnet seems like a major design flaw. Sadly the market is flooded with impractical items where the designer/maker has been too lazy to think one step further. Dieter Rams 10 Principles of good design ( come to mind – A product should be fit for its intended purpose. A wallet that demagnetises cards is not.

  16. I bought this a month ago and now after a few weeks I must say: it works like shit. The magnet is too weak, my cards are falling out almost every day and the leather strap is poor quality. It’s a shame because it looks so good.
    Sadly to say I won’t recommend anybody to buy this.

  17. I bought this a month ago and now after a few weeks I must say: it works like shi t. The magnet is too weak, my cards are falling out almost every day and the leather strap is poor quality. It’s a shame because it looks so good.
    Sadly to say I won’t recommend anybody to buy this.

  18. Could have been cool if they didn’t rip off their new watch design! Check out Mica Watches and tell me slim timber is original…

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