Koubachi Gives your Houseplants a Voice

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If you are one of the many people that struggle with the dreaded “Black thumb” affliction, there is a solution. Just place a Koubachi WiFi plant sensor in the soil next to one of your potted plants and it will gather temperature, moisture and light information that will help you keep your plant alive and thriving. Using an iOS or Android app, the Koubachi sensor will tell you when you need to water the plant, fertilize it, move it to a better lighted or cooler area, or just lovingly stroke its leaves. Ok it won’t tell you to stroke its leaves… that would just be weird. The price to keep your plants perky doesn’t come cheap though. At €130.00, which is about $162.00 here in the US, this gadget is pretty expensive. It’s up to you to decide if you think Buddy the Begonia or Frank the Ficus is worth it.

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