Scosche Announces Four New Multi USB-Port Home Chargers

Charging a bunch of gadgets, each with their own wall wart, uses up a lot of outlets.  Scosche has four new USB chargers that can charge multiple gadgets with one wall wart.  The reVIVE h4 (top, left) and reVIVE h4 pro (top, right) both feature 4 USB ports, each delivering 5W (1A) charging power.  The reVOLT h2 (bottom, left) and reVOLT h2 pro (bottom, right) have two USB ports, each with 10W (2.1A) of power, so you can charge two tablets at once.  Each pro model comes with a Scosche charge/sync cable with both an Apple connector and a microUSB connector.  Set up a charging station at home with these chargers, or fold up the plugs and throw them in your gear bag.  The reVIVE h4 and reVOLT h2 chargers are each $29.99; the pro models of each are $39.99.

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