Speedometer Free: Measure Your Need for Speed.

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The need for speed.  We all know it, we all feel it.  Hodel Apps knows it and has an app for that.

Speedometer Free is an app developed for iPhone/iPad that measures how fast you’re moving.  My husband, who takes CalTrain to work every morning, was on the train cruising right along when it occurred to him that he wanted to know just how fast the train was moving along the tracks.  So he searched for an app that measured speed and came up with this gem.  And discovered that his particular train was chucking along and a nice 82 miles per hour.  Sweet.

If it’s free, it’s me, and Free Speedometer is free.  Check Apple App Store or Hodel Apps for your download.

5 thoughts on “Speedometer Free: Measure Your Need for Speed.”

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  2. Thanks to try to fix! But the link still points to an other app.
    What I did mean was the link below not the link to the web page.


  3. Don’t free GPS utils/applications do this too? You don’t need a dedicated app just to measure your speed.

  4. Chrizzz, I don’t know. Maybe. I think you’re missing the point of the app. My husband was on the train, searched for a speedometer app and found the Hodel app, thought it was cool, brought it to my attention, I thought it was cool and shared with fellow Gadgeteers.

    It’s a cool application and everyone on the train with him thought so too. 🙂

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