Icelett – Make Your Own Poopsicles

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imageFinnish company Biolan specialises in ecological farming and green area management as well as environmental products. The Icelett is a dry toilet that does not require water, sewer, or a ventilation pipe, and is easy to install anywhere.  The difference:  the Icelett freezes your waste to -15 degrees Centigrade, which inhibits and stops the activity and growth of nasty bacteria. A biodegradable bag collects up to 20 litres of waste and can then be emptied into your compost. And the best thing…. your bum won’t get cold using it because of a heat lock that is formed by condensing air.

3 thoughts on “Icelett – Make Your Own Poopsicles”

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  2. If it froze the waste in the form of a clay pigeon it could easily eject the poo out into the woods. No need to empty anything.

    Maybe I need some rest …

  3. 220volts
    1.44 kWh/day?
    California PGE cost. EAK

    What happens when your power goes out for extended time?

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