TokyoFlash Kisai On Air Acetate Touchscreen LCD Watch

Sometimes watches from TokyoFlash can be a little “out there” and hard to read. The Kisai On Air Acetate touchscreen LCD watch however is a much simpler concept than normal.  We told you about the On Air with a stainless steel case and strap late last year.  Now they’ve introduced a version in acetate, which makes it much lighter and makes it look like the ceramic watches that are popular now.  The  digital numbers on the screen are the hour hand, and the digits making up the hour hand represent the minutes. The touchscreen has four hot-zones that change the mode: time, date, alarm and light.  After 15 secs the screen locks and you can swipe your finger across the screen from left to right to unlock (another lawsuit Apple? :)).

It comes in black, silver, acetate white and acetate blue with colored faces.  Available now at a special launch price of $139 that ends after today (March 30).  Regular price is $159.

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