Keep Your Gadgets Dry with Neverwet

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Recently a spate of videos showing a smartphone treated with Neverwet being dipped in water was doing the rounds; however,  Ross Nanotechnology’s  product goes well beyond that.  Neverwet is a spray on or dip application that applies a super hydrophobic coating that completely repels water and heavy oils.  Any liquid placed on the coating literally just rolls of without touching the underlying surface.

Besides its applications in electronics, it can be used on almost all materials.  It’s properties include:

  • anti-wetting
  • anti-icing
  • anti-corrosion
  • anti-bacterial
  • self-cleaning

Although not yet available to consumers as a retail product, their web site indicates retail spray cans being available by mid 2012 (not early 2012 as indicated in the video).  Make sure you check out some of the videos on their website.

7 thoughts on “Keep Your Gadgets Dry with Neverwet”

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  2. Interesting that they use it on clothes. Does that mean the treated clothes will never have to be washed? After all, they should repel perspiration and stuff that would otherwise cause stains. Also, if it won’t get wet, how would you wash it? I’d be very interested in trying it out!

  3. I am thinking that this would be a great product for a shower to help keep it clean. One of our showers is tile and I am thinking that this would be a great way to seal the grout and make it so that we wouldn’t have to clean it as often. My concern is if NeverWet would make the floor of the shower more slippery. I would assume that little sticky ducks wouldn’t work after the spray is applied since it seems like the glue wouldn’t really stick.

    Really looking forward to this product becoming available. It should be game changer in a lot of different ways.

  4. This is amazing! imagine having technology products that are not susceptible to moisture damage as they are now! phones, ipads, mp3 players, keyboards, Food preparation gadgets (with processor boards) that can be washed in the sink without damage. I love the speaker demo. this definitely could be a game changer. good luck guys!

  5. As a Marine, I can think of literally hundreds of items I would use this with…iPod, phone, clothes, boots, packs, knives, compass, GPS, sleeping bag…..

  6. I really got excited about this product but was bummed it wasn’t available… After doing some in depth research, I ran across a company in the UK called Ceracoat Ceramic. I ordered a few bottles and loved it! We use it for EVERYTHING!! Do your research on these guys and if interested I have a good contact…

  7. Make J.,

    What is your contact for Ceracoat? It looks like it is quite similar to the Neverwet, especially if it is available now.

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