USB Outlet Quattro from CurrentWerks

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It seems more and more gadgets, although they may have a wall wart, are ultimately USB-chargeable.  Replace a normal AC wall socket with the USB Outlet Quattro from CurrentWerks, and you’ll be able to charge up to four USB devices at once without using those wall warts.  With the Quattro, you have four standard USB ports in a single wall outlet.  The Quattro accepts 90-132VAC 50/60Hz 0.7A current and outputs 22 Watts 5VDC 4.4A (2.1A maximum per port).  CurrentWerks says the Quattro has been tested to UL standards, fits all standard single gang electrical boxes, and draws no vampire power.  It’s available in white, ivory, and light almond for $39.98; faceplate is included.

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11 thoughts on “USB Outlet Quattro from CurrentWerks”

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  2. Rainer Mueller

    Their web site looks a little messy in my browser, but it looks like the Quattro goes for $39.98. It’s the Duo that is $24.98. Too bad
    $40 for the Quattro is a little too steep for me.

  3. @ Janet and Julie, yesterday I ran out of outlets and had to move some devices to other rooms because some of the larger transformers hogging all the outlet space. I started thinking again about these USB outlets and did an online search for them. Then today I see this on Gadgeteer, go figure!
    You two are so very helpful in a number of thing that I’m interested in!
    I also love kidding Janet 😛

  4. Janet Cloninger

    You keep me on my toes for sure, Bob! And I’ve got a small house and so many gadgets that I’ve run out of rooms to move stuff to. 🙁

  5. @Julie There’s a transformer farm not too far from here. I’m thinking about running a line from the farm directly to my house. 🙂

  6. 08-12-2015, although this is a dream looking product, something fishy is going on around here. If you do your Google homework, you will notice that anything written about this product, is last dated in 2013, no further. And, if you try to go to their website, it does not exist. And lastly, just try and buy one some where. NOBODY has any. If your lucky, you will find one, or maybe two on eBay, but short of that, no one has any to sell, and the website no longer exists. Also, if you go to Amazon, and read the reviews of folks who did manage to get one, what ever year they did come out, there is almost no positive reviews listed. Many saying it failed for one reason or another. Some even sent it back after two resends still failed.

    I really wanted one of these, but something really fishy is going on here with that company.

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