Keep Your Tunes (and Your Smartphone) Dry with the Eco Terra Fully-Submersible Boombox

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eco terra waterproof mp3 playerAs the title mentions, the Eco Terra Boombox from Grace Digital is a floating IPX7-rated waterproof smartphone speaker case which is fully submersible in water.  It’s powered by 4 C-cell batteries or the included AC adapter, and the two 3″ front-firing speakers are waterproof.  There’s an internal waterproof compartment for your phone/MP3 player that’s big enough to also hold your ID, cash, and keys.  You can use the Eco Terra at the pool, beach, or boating without worry, because the speakers will float if they fall into the water – speaker-side up so you’ll be able to hear the music.  It can also protect your phone from dirt, snow, sand, and shock.  Eco Terra plugs into the 3.5mm audio jack on your device, so it will work with most smartphones – Android, iPhone, Blackberry.  It’s available now for $149.99.

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