Fuze Custom Earphones – DIY Audiologist Kit

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We all know that custom-fitted earphones are going to give you the best fit, isolation, and stay in place better than your standard supplied headphones, but this normally involves a trip to the audiologist and normally isn’t a cheap solution.

Fuze supplies custom earphones in a DIY kit that takes around 15 minutes to fit. You can relive your childhood memories of playing with play-doh and plasticine as you mix together the BioFuzion healthcare-grade material before molding the material around the earbuds in your ear.

Fuze1The kit comes with Fuze stereo drivers, BioFuzion earpiece material ( pre-measured ) , instructional web video, and soft storage pouch and is available in red, blue, black, purple, hot pink, bright orange and beige.

Available from the Earfuze store starting from $34.

5 thoughts on “Fuze Custom Earphones – DIY Audiologist Kit”

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  2. I don’t use my phone for music, but, I do use blue tooth 100% of the time. I can tell you from personal experience, that a custom fit ear piece is the way to go, if you leave ear buds or a BT in your ear for extended periods of time. The custom fit ear piece I use for my bluetooth, I can leave it in my ear 8-10 hours a day, and at the end of the day, remove it without any discomfort to my ear. Do yourself a favor, skip all of the one size fits all and spend the money for a custom fit ear piece.

  3. I don’t like an audio site that does not list frequency responses for their own earphones.
    Does anyone have any specs?

  4. I bought these headphones awhile back and here is my impression.
    Molding was easy. Sound was good. Comfort was good. Life is good.

    3 weeks later one side quit working. I tried to contact EarFuze for a replacement with absolutely no response.

    My advice is to STAY AWAY from these headphones. If they can’t find time for customer support and to back up their product then they don’t deserve my business or the business of anyone else.

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